My first bee block

So I’m in a bee now.  That seems odd to type since my first thought at the word bee is that little buzzing insect that makes honey, and I’m definitely not in one of those.  If that would be the case, giant bees would probably have taken over my city, and you would be reading about that on the news, hoping the giant, quilter-swallowing bees don’t come for your city.

Hey, look at that!  I got sidetracked!  Back to the point, I’ve joined a quilting bee, and have completed my first block.  Jaclyn asked us to make Converging Corners blocks using this tutorial.  She sent us the Kona Snow to use as the background, and we used our stash for the accents.  The blocks finish at 12.5″.  I mailed it last week, so hopefully she’ll get it soon.

SS Bee Jan

I also worked on my Urban Nine Patch blocks. I made three more, but only have pictures of two of them. They are coming along nicely, and are a good thing to work on when I’ve only got a little bit of time to sew, since all the pieces are pre-cut.

U9P 8

I’ve also started quilting Mod Pop (which will probably get renamed one of these days) and hope to have it finished by the weekend.  Yay for progress!

6 thoughts on “My first bee block

  1. I love bees! I am in two and hoping to join a 3rd if I make the signup in time tonight! I prefer the kind where we use our stash, not the kind where I have to mail off the fabric, though.


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