About Me

I’m Shena, wife to my man, who works away from home a lot, stay at home mom to three energetic children, and a grudgingly accepted owner of two cats.  I love to quilt, and make time for it whenever I can.  This often means that I sew a lot in the evening after the kids are in bed.  I also love to bake, and pie is my favourite food.  Team Pie!

Since I use WordPress and not Blogger for my site, if I left a comment on your site, and you use Blogger, and I came back as a no-reply blogger, that’s why.  My email is beaniekins84(at)gmail(dot)com if you need to contact me.

5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Good morning! I’ve followed you for awhile but don’t know if I’ve ever bothered to say hello before! So lovely to meet you in cyber-quilt land. I enjoy meeting other Canadian quilters and bloggers. You have a lovely blog…so bright and clean. Have a lovely day!


  2. It looks like you’re also from Lethbridge, yay! I’m also from the Windy City, new to quilting, just started last fall, and am highly addicted! I think I’ve already done 3 on my own, paired up with my mom for 2, and am almost done another top! Yep, highly addicted! I’d love to connect with you and bounce ideas around from time to time. I love to learn, so I’m always looking for new resources. Cheers!


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