Celtic Solstice

I know I mentioned in the last post that I had taken pictures and had lots of blog fodder.  But I guess I forgot how I actually need to sit down and write a post that will use said pictures, or they kind of just linger in my Flickr account and don’t do anyone any good.  So, without further ado, here is Celtic Solstice!

Celtic Solstice

I started this quilt in November 2013. It was Bonnie Hunter’s mystery for that year. When she said it was going to use the Tri-Recs tool, I made the decision to make it. I knew it would more than likely involve many tiny tiny pieces, as Bonnie’s quilts generally tend to. I changed up the colour scheme a little, and used grey where she used yellow, and made the blue into more of a teal/turquoise.

Celtic Solstice - first 2 blocks done!

I had to search way back in my Flickr feed to find these next two pictures. I made all the units as the mystery went along, but then I got stalled in the process of actually assembling the blocks. The two blocks above I made when the mystery was revealed. They were lonely for a very long time. 🙂

Celtic Solstice - almost halfway!

There are two blocks that make up this quilt, and they have 62 and 35 pieces in them, and I made 28 and 27 of those blocks, respectively. So there are 2, 708 pieces in the top, before I added the borders. I have to admit, that’s more than I expected.

Celtic Solstice

My family helped me take pictures. Most of the time, it was much appreciated.

Celtic Solstice

Some of the time, not so much. Thing 2 took a break from riding his bike around the block to help out. So sweet of him.

Celtic Solstice

This is the best picture that I have of the top. It is quite large and was hard to get the whole thing in the frame. The colours really pop in this shot, which I really like. The border is not Bonnie’s original border, but one that I adapted from a Celtic Solstice that someone else had finished. I don’t remember who it was, but if you have seen it before, please let me know so I can give them credit.

I’m glad I made this quilt. I’m also glad I don’t have to make another one. 🙂


Start a new project? Don’t mind if I do!

It’s been a snowy couple of days here at the Apple Pie house.  There is a drift as tall as Thing 1 where my garden was (she’s 4’6″).  And it’s still snowing.  We are on snow day #2 and counting.  So, when I have lots of things to do, what do I do instead?  Start sewing!  A brand new project of course, ignoring all the projects on my WIP list.

For many years, I have followed Bonnie Hunter’s blog.  Every year, from American Thanksgiving to the end of the year, she does a mystery quilt.  And for years, I have wanted to play along but I don’t because I feel obligated to finish other stuff first.  But no more!  I’m doing it!  The clues are posted on Fridays, and there is a link-up on Mondays. I pulled fabric yesterday, since I’m changing up the colours slightly, and got everything cut for step 1.  This year’s mystery is called Celtic Soltice, though I may change the name for my quilt.

Fabric pull for the new Bonnie Hunter Mystery

These mysteries are not for the faint of heart.  Step 1 is making 188 triangle units, 92 with orange, and 96 with background.  I have them all cut now, and here are the two practice units I sewed, to make sure my seam allowances were accurate. These units are made with the Tri-Recs tool.

Bonnie Hutner Mystery, step 1


I’m know I won’t get this done anytime soon, primarily because I’m going out of town for the holidays, but I’m glad I decided to join along this time.  These little units have always been a favourite shape of mine.  I’ll link this up with Quiltville, so you can find your way there.