Tea Room Table Topper


I wrote a tutorial for Sew Sisters and today is the day it is up on their site! They contacted me several months ago about writing one, and they sent me a group of 5 FQs to make a project. I made a table topper which can be made completely with 5 FQ (binding and backing included)! The colours (Creamsicle, Watermelon, Grellow, and Limelight) are from their Kona Club Challenge bundles, and the neutral, Kona Bone, was added.


There is a giveaway being hosted by Sew Sisters on their blog. You could win the 4 colours I used, Creamsicle, Watermelon, Grellow, and Limelight! Go to their site to read my tutorial and enter the giveaway! Tea Room Table Topper by Shena Boes.

5 thoughts on “Tea Room Table Topper

  1. Beautiful quilt!!! I love the colours and design! I know that I have seen this elsewhere before here and Sew Sisters… Maybe IG? Anyway, your tutorial is fantastic!!!


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