I love the humble half-square triangle.  It is deceptively simple but offers amazing complexity in the nearly limitless number of different blocks you can make with it.  I love the rigidity of the angles, but at the same time, the amazing beauty of the angles.  I think secretly, or maybe not so secretly, there is a girl who loves math behind the girl who loves quilting.


In this quilt, I embraced the humble triangle. The smaller HSTs in this quilt finish at 2″ and the larger ones finish at 6″. There are many, many triangles in this quilt. 768 small ones and 48 big ones. That was a lot of seams to line up!


I have no official name for this quilt yet. Sometimes it makes me thing of the mountains that I miss now that I no longer live in BC. Sometimes it reminds me of all the geese I see flying south in the fall. Sometimes it just makes me thing of how much I love triangles.


Maybe I should just call it ‘I Love Triangles’. There is something beautiful and freeing in the simplicity of that statement.


Whatever it’s called, it’s together and it’s beautiful. It’s simple and it’s complex. It’s busy and it’s peaceful. My beautiful, paradoxical quilt.

5 thoughts on “Triangles

  1. Yes, it is an amazing quilt. Triangles on their own are intriguing enough, but you add the complexity of aligning and grouping. And I am sure you realize that the sides of the triangle created by dividing the quilt in half from opposite corners follows the 3 – 4 – 5 pattern.


  2. It’s gorgeous! I love HST’s too though I can’t admit that I love math. A fabulous quilt! By the way did you go to quilt Canada? Were you involved? I seem to remember that it was in your area, but maybe I’m wrong.


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