Merry Christmas to me! My traveling quilt came home

Back in March, I was invited to join a group of quilters who were starting a Canadian Traveling Quilt group.  I admit that I thought about it for a bit before I said yes, but I am so, so glad that I joined up with them.  Just before Christmas, my traveling quilt came home to me, and it is amazing!

It is awesome!

This quilt started in Lethbridge, and then went off to Ontario and Quebec before going to northern Alberta and then back to Lethbridge. Eight different people, including me, worked on it. And even though I didn’t give any fabrics along or any directions as to what I wanted, it’s still a wonderfully cohesive piece. And now it’s home, where it’s going to stay.

Close up of some amazing embroidery and awesome blocks

Julie did this amazing embroidery down on the bottom. After I had surgery this summer, she emailed me and asked what I wanted (in general terms) and I think, though I can’t remember now cause I was on a lot of painkillers, that I wanted something uplifting. I love the quote she picked. “Smooth seas never made a skillful sailor.”

More blocks, love that little envelope.  And the chevron quilting.

Erica made this adorable little envelope block, very fitting for a quilt that traveled all over Canada. This picture also shows some of Deanna’s quilting, the chevron motif, which looks great on the solid navy.

Cute little hexies along the side.

Laura did the hexagons, which are completely adorable. There’s even a little Heather Ross goldfish in there! And I’m actually not sure who did the wonky herringbone block, but it’s wonderful. Everyone made amazing fabric choices.

The whole thing, looking great in the snow

It was really cold when I went outside to take these pictures, but I did anyway, cause this amazing quilt deserved much better lighting than my indoor fluorescent mess. Those blocks on point on the corners are perfect! And I love how it ended up being a square medallion quilt. I think most of the others ended up rectangular.

In my ash tree, where all my quilts eventually end up.

In the ash tree.

And now it’s officially my quilt. My ash tree said so.

Thank you so much to the other quilters who took part in this journey with me. I’ve only seen a few of the other finished quilts, and I’d love to see more of them. And also, now that I’ve got my new Juki (!) I will be finishing Erica’s quilt asap. It’s all basted and ready to go!

6 thoughts on “Merry Christmas to me! My traveling quilt came home

  1. I’ve participated in a couple of Round Robin projects with my old quilt guild years ago. Always interesting to see what others have done, what you did to someone else’s quilt and what others added after you. I had one piece come back with an interesting border treatment that drove me nuts until I figured out how to do it.


  2. It’s so beautiful! I love that there’s a little piece of me with you and the Ash Tree. I can’t wait to see mine 🙂 Then I’ll have a little piece of everyone else. Have an Amazing New Year’s Eve!


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