Last Bee Blocks for the year

2014 is coming to a close, and all my bee blocks for the year are done now.  I’m going to mail the last one off today.  I last posted October’s blocks (I think) so these are November and December.

For Canadians Quilt, Dominique requested a sewing machine block, with various colour options.  I picked aqua and red.  M-R (December) went with a seasonal theme and asked for Christmas trees in aqua, grey, and red.

Canadians Quilt Bee blockDecember bee block

For Stash Bee, Sue asked for wonky stars. I know she really likes Heather Ross, and of course I don’t blame her and totally understand why.  So I pulled out some Heather Ross and Munki Munki and got to work.  The block was so much fun that I made her two!

Stash Bee November
Stash Bee November

And finally, for the 4×5 Bee, I made four versions of the same block in the colour scheme of the recipient’s choosing.  I think my favourite one of these is the top right, but I really like how all of them came out.  They have all been received already, and all of my blocks have come in the mail too, but I don’t have a picture of them.  They are gorgeous, so I should take one and post it here.

4x5 Bee Hive 1And, though I considered giving up bees entirely for 2015, I’ve decided to continue in Canadians Quilt for another year, and have also joined a second all Canadian bee.  So here’s to another great year of making blocks for other people, and challenging my design comfort and skill level!

1 thought on “Last Bee Blocks for the year

  1. They all look great! Quilting Bees aren’t something I could do, but I’m so impressed with the ability of others to join and keep up. Enjoy your 2015 groups.


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