Road Trip Quilt Along is finally done

Way back, when I was just starting this blog, I started this quilt.  I made the first blocks 2.5 years ago.  My plan all along was to make 2 quilts, a dark version and a light version.  The dark version I finished nearly two years ago, in February 2013.  It now lives at my mom’s house.  So this quilt has been lingering a long, long time.

The top has been together for just about as long as the first one has been finished.  I guess I was just tired of the project and wanted to move on to other things. A local friend of mine with a long arm finished it for me. I’m pretty sure it would still not be done if she hadn’t done that.

Road Trip QAL

I am very glad to have it done. Something about having very long-standing WIPs sitting for such a long time gets to me every now and then. I still have a large number of tops waiting to be quilted (8, I think, at last count), but I’ll chip at it a little at a time and eventually that iceberg will be gone.

Road Trip QAL

Mr Apple Pie went outside with me in -25C to help me take these pictures. It looks so nice and crisp against the snow.

Road Trip QAL

Road Trip QAL

I didn’t get a shot of just the backing, but you can see it a little in these shots. It’s the same fabrics as the other version, but the placement of the fabrics is reversed. Also, I realize now that I have not labelled it yet. Oops.

Road Trip QAL

Why does it always have to be windy on quilt shoot days?

Road Trip QAL

My fabric tastes have changed a bit since I started this project. I don’t think red is my favourite colour anymore, but it’s still up there near the top. I tend to use more low-volume than white-on-white for backgrounds in my blocks now. The first block I paper pieced is in this quilt and I remember what a hassle it gave me. Paper piecing doesn’t give me hassles anymore, so it’s a sign that my skills have definitely improved.

It’s interesting to take time to look back on your quilting journey sometimes. And to wonder where I will be on my quilting journey 2.5 years from now. Who knows? For now, I’m glad I can check this one off the list and keep moving forward.

5 thoughts on “Road Trip Quilt Along is finally done

  1. I’m happy to report, as recipient of the dark version of this quilt, that I daily delight in its patterns and colours. Thanks, Shena.


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