Quilt Canada 2015 – Registration is Open!

I haven’t mentioned this a lot in this space here, but Quilt Canada, the most prestigious quilt show in our country, is going to be hosted by my local guild, Lethbridge Centennial Quilters next year in June.  Awhile ago, I was asked to be the blogger for the conference, so I’ve been blogging on the Canadian Quilter’s Association’s (CQA) blog with information that pertains to the show.  This is an amazing opportunity for those in Southern Alberta, and anywhere near Southern Alberta really, to see quilts of an amazing caliber in their own backyard.  We don’t need to go to Houston, or Paducah or Japan.  They are going to be right here!

photo by Teresa Petriw

As another added bonus, there are also classes you can take during the weekend of the quilt show.  This year’s teachers are Weeks Ringle, Margie Davidson, Joanne Flamand, Karen Henry, Cindy Needham, and Kathy Tidswell.  All the information is on CQA’s website, and you can find the page all about the local show in Lethbridge here.

The theme for this show is Blown Away.  The local organizing committee, myself included, is hoping that you’ll be blown away by the amazing works of art that you’ll see at the shown, the skill of the instructors, and the local hospitality that Lethbridge is known for.  The name also ties into the fact that Lethbridge often experiences strong Chinook winds which melt our snow away in the winter.

Registration opened for all members on Wednesday.  If you are not a member, you have to wait until January 14, 2015 to register.  But, if you are planning to take more than 2 one-day course or just 1 two-day course, the fee for being a member will basically pay for itself, since members get a $25 discount per day on all classes.  And if you’re a member you also get a subscription to Quilt Canada magazine!

I hope I meet many of you at the show!  I’m really looking forward to it.

1 thought on “Quilt Canada 2015 – Registration is Open!

  1. Thanks for sharing the excitement with us. In the back of my head I am playing with the thought to come over to Lethbridge for the show. I want to experience how it feels to be blown away by so many different things.


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