Bee block round up

Someone told me the other day (Hi Kathy!) that I should blog more, and since I have things to blog about, I agreed and am now obliging.  I’ve made and sent out my blocks for the Stash bee and the Canadians Quilt bee.  This is the second to last month for Stash bee already, since our hive only had 11 members.

Stash Bee October

Kim requested this star block in a rainbow colour scheme. It turned out really nicely, but took a bit longer to sew than I expected it would. It finishes at 16″.

Canadian Quilt October

Sheila requested arrows made from the tutorial by Carla at Grace and Favour. These were also very simple to make; the tutorial was very good. You do end up with a bit of leftover fabric afterward, so I used that to make the log cabin style block as a bonus for me. I really like the colour scheme she chose too.

I recently joined the 4×5 Bee as well. I like the short-term commitment aspect of it, and I love that you just make the same block for everyone, but in the colour scheme of their choosing. I chose the Zeppelin block to make for my hive mates, as I’m in a paper-piecing only group.  It’s a free block from Julie at 627 Handworks and part of a great series of blocks named after classic rock acts.

Zeppelin block

The test block I made finished up 1/4″ too small. I hate it when that happens! I went back to the drawing board and made another, which was a perfect 12.5″. Phew!

Zeppelin test block
Zeppelin correct size block

I have to make 3 more yet, but I have a couple weeks yet, and this block is quick, so that’s easily doable. And then I get to sew for me again, while I wait for my blocks to come in the mail. Fabric mail is the best kind of mail.

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