Canadian Traveling Quilts

It’s coming to the end soon, of this journey that all these quilts are taking.  In July I worked on Gina’s quilt.  Hers was stylistically quite different from a lot of the others that had come through, but it was still wonderful.  It had more solids and bolder colours. It is so hard to not be showing everything I did, or even telling everything I did. I’ve taken pictures of the whole tops/sections as they are done here, but I can’t show you. This is the sneak peek of Gina’s.

Canadian Traveling Quilt

A section of Gina’s gave me an idea that I’d love to use for a whole quilt.  It’s already been added to my list.  🙂

In August, I worked on Marika’s.  I actually finished it in record time.  I think I was all done with hers by the 5th or something like that.  I was inspired right away with what I wanted to do, and I didn’t hit any snags as I did it.  So that was great, as it was one more thing to cross off my pre-surgery plate.  Next month I’m supposed to be quilting and binding the last quilt to come through before mine gets back, but Erica has graciously given me as much time as I need for that, so as to not rush my recovery.

Sneak peek for Marika

Sneak peek for Marika


Marika’s quilt also gave me an idea for a quilt I personally want to make.  This has been such an inspiring journey.  I’m so thankful that I was asked to participate, and I hope we do it again.  It has stretched me creatively and pushed me to do things I wouldn’t have otherwise done.  I am so, so excited to see mine back again. The workmanship on these quilts has been exemplary as they’ve come through, so I know my quilt was in excellent hands.

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