Sew Canadian

So today is my day on the Sew Canadian tour, and I’m featured on the Mad About Patchwork blog.  And I had intended to write this post a week ago and schedule it, but that didn’t happen.  Sewing happened instead.  🙂  Story of my life it, seems, if I didn’t do something, I was probably sewing instead.  If it was sewing I was supposed to do, I was probably sewing something else.

Sewing area

This is my sewing area. Since this picture was taken, I have put a bulletin board on the wall where all the papers are, to organize it a little more.  The kite made by Thing 1 a few years ago at school is still there.  I have the kids’ artwork all over the house.

Cutting and design wall

This is my design wall, in the kitchen, across the room from my sewing corner, which is a dining area nook. The blocks up on it are from the Stash Bee, as I was queen in June. It’s called Scrappy Mountains and I used Bonnie Hunter’s tutorial. My design wall is just the back of a camping table cloth taped to the wall.

Scrap storage

These are my scraps. I store them sorted by colour into plastic bins that I got at Home Depot for 87 cents a piece. There is a separate scrap bin for solids since I like to work with those on their own.

Ironing station

This is my mini ironing station, also a repurposed kitchen counter. I made the ironing board from a piece of plywood, some leftover batting and some denim. I used a staple gun to attach it to the back after pulling it tight. It is so, so handy! I make my own starch as well. I stir 2 cups hot water into anywhere from 1 tsp to 1 Tbsp of cornstarch (which has been dissolved in a little cold water), depending on how strong I want it. Then I boil it on the stove, let it cool a bit, and add 1/4 cup vodka for shelf life stability.

And that’s about it!  I have lots of fabric, but it’s stored down in the basement and the lighting sucks for taking pictures.  I hope you enjoyed your tour!  Back to sewing for me, after I wash some dishes first.

6 thoughts on “Sew Canadian

  1. Thanks for sharing your sewing space with us, same story here if I’m supposed to be sewing I’m likely sewing something I shouldn’t be 🙂 Love the scrappy will be a beautiful qult.


  2. Lovely to see your sewing space, Shena! I especially enjoyed seeing your WIP on the design wall – really beautiful. How fun to discover that you also collect and sew with vintage Singers!


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