Catch-up time

I’ve been doing plenty of sewing lately, despite the summer heat.  What I haven’t been doing is blogging about it.  So this is kind of a kitchen-sink catch-all kind of post.

I’ve worked on 2 more quilts for the Canadian Travelling Quilts group.  First Julie’s which was a lot of fun and very eclectic, and then Laura’s with its wonderful colour scheme.  I can only show sneak peeks here, in case they read my blog.  I am so, so glad I joined this group. It has stretched my creativity and I’m amazed at the incredible places that every in the group is taking these quilts.

Canadian Travelling Quilt

Canadian Traveling Quilts

I made a skirt for Thing 3 with the Pitch it to Win it contest hosted by Mad About Patchwork. My project was actually featured about 2 weeks ago already, but here are some photos of her modeling it. She wants me to make her lots of skirts now, and declared that it was her ‘most beautifulist skirt ever!’ so I’m pretty sure it was well received.

Front of skirt

Back of skirt

I’ve been sewing lots and lots of hexies. I’m up to about 18 flowers now and I have loads more hexagons waiting in the wings. It’s a great thing to sew when it’s too hot to iron and I want to sit outside and enjoy the cool evening breezes. Yesterday was one month exactly until my hysterectomy, so I’ll have had lots of practice making these by then!

Hexie progress


Thing 1 and I also worked together to make a table runner for my mom, but no pictures were taken.  It went together very well and she is really getting the hang of sewing on her own now.  It’s a wonderful thing to see.

4 thoughts on “Catch-up time

  1. Undies on fabric!?!?! Wow, where do you all find these fun fabrics? I must be living under a rock.

    I will be thinking of you in a month. I recognize the tin you have your stash in. I have a short round one that I bought Dutch mints in.


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