2.5 weeks ago, (already!) I was at a sew day.  We came not knowing what pattern we would be making or what fabric we were making it with.  I was very excited when I showed up and saw that we were using Bonnie and Camille’s fabric, Scrumptious, and making their pattern, Lucky.  I have only recently started to love Bonnie and Camille’s fabric, so the timing was fabulous.  My favourite prints in this line are the bias stripes and the ones that look like flowers made of dots.  The colours are soft and yet saturated enough at the same time; the perfect balance.

Lucky - Bonnie and Camille pattern

At the end of the sew day, I had 6 blocks done. During the next week, I made the other blocks and then sashed them, and completed the quilt exactly a week after I had started it.

Lucky - Bonnie and Camille pattern

Thing 1 helped me mark triangles with my new Frixion pen. I received it at the sew day. I had been looking for one locally for awhile, but Staples, my local office supply store, doesn’t carry them, and I hadn’t ordered any online, though I was tempted to. It worked wonderfully, and Thing 1 thought it was awesome how the marks disappeared with the iron.

Lucky - Bonnie and Camille pattern

Both my girls wanted a picture of them beside the quilt, so I obliged them. It is one the more girly quilts I have made recently, so I can understand why they are drawn to it, since they both like feminine things.

Lucky - Bonnie and Camille pattern

This is my favourite block out of all of them. It has that bias stripe that I love, and also the zing of the solid apple green. So pretty.

Lucky - Bonnie and Camille pattern


I wasn’t sure if this picture worked out, being mottled in the sunshine, but it was a cool effect.  I was hesitant to take a picture of this top in the ash tree, since it’s so white and it had rained recently.  I didn’t want to quilt a dirty top, and I didn’t want to wash it to quilt it either.  So, I’ll have to wait with the ash tree shot for this one.  But she’s Lucky, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

6 thoughts on “Lucky

  1. Gorgeous! Those are the blocks you had on your wall when I came by, aren’t they? I love how it came out and I’m impressed you got a photo that doesn’t include rain. Stay dry!


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