St. Louis 16-patch

This is officially the fastest quilt top that I have ever made.  I think, from start to finish, cutting to pressing the last long seam on the back, it was 5 hours! Now, I have been told before that I am a very fast sewer, but that’s just crazy. It’s 56″x70″, so not quite a twin size.

St. Louis 16 patch

I used a tutorial I found online, at Sew with Sass. It was very clear and well written. I had a FQ pack of Dear Betty, by Darlene Zimmerman, and it had 22 FQ in it, so I used 20 of them, made 20 blocks, and plan to use the last two for the binding. This is not a typical colour scheme for me, but it felt good to push out of my comfort zone a little bit.

St. Louis 16 patch

This is my favourite block of the bunch. I absolutely love that stripe with the dots.  When I paired the fabrics together I tried to match a busier print with a not quite so busy print.  That way, from a distance, you can see the actual 16-patches and not just a mash of colour.

I would share more pictures with you, but I think I accidentally deleted some of them, because I only had these and one more poorly cropped, bad lighting design wall shot.  So I hope these will suffice!


7 thoughts on “St. Louis 16-patch

  1. Congrats on setting a new record, and on designing/producing an intuitively balanced quilt. I love it how each set of twins is differently positioned.


  2. So cute! I’m working on a similar pattern using bright colors and whites. I’m hoping to use it as a summer-looking quilt in our guest room. I’m not going as fast as you, though… I still have to put the larger squares together…. maybe by the end of the week?…


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