A finish – Baby Ships

I finished the quilt for my nephew, and since I’ve given it to him now, I figured it was time that I blog about it.

Baby Ships

This ended up being a really fun project, and I love how the finished design turned out. Sometimes little mistakes make it better than you could have planned.  I had to re-design this quilt after I made a math error in the construction stage.

Baby Ships

It was a wonderfully sunny day when I took these pictures, so the colours are a little saturated, but not horribly so. I quilted it on the long-arm of a friend of mine, who generously lets me use her machine for a small fee. I’m still saving up for my Juki, but until then, it is a great way to get some of these flimsies turned into actual quilts that can be used for snuggling.

Baby Ships

It was sunny, but also windy. The ash tree shot didn’t work as well as I’d hoped because the quilt kept getting blown to one side. On the plus side, my grass is all green again!

Baby Ships

The wind blew the quilt off the fences too. 🙂

Baby Ships


It was very well received.  My sister-in-law and brother loved it.  I backed it in some of Sarah Jane’s Rocket Launch Club that I happened to find at one of our local chain shops awhile ago.  Of course I didn’t take a picture of that, though.  I even put a label on this one!  But you’ll have to take my word on that because I have to photographic proof.  It was easy to do though, and I’ve made a resolution to put them on all my quilts in the future.

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