I’m glad I never signed up for that fabric fast

I love fabric.  There’s no point in denying it.  I have more fabric than I need and quite a substantial stash, but I can’t seem to stop buying more.  I have stopped buying large pieces of fabric, and now stick to half yard cuts or smaller, but I buy it nonetheless.  I got quite the recent haul from the Intrepid Thread and Hawthorne Threads.

Heather Ross

Heather Ross. I love Heather Ross. This is from Crafty Chloe. So pretty. And Heather Ross is reprinting her Far Far Away I line. I better save up for that.

New fabric - Sarah Jane
New Fabric - Lizzy House
New fabric - Sarah Jane

Lots and lots of fabric. I got some of Sarah Jane’s new line, Wee Wander, and some Lizzy House Catnap too. I love those little blind mice.

I have gotten so much happy mail in the last little while. My bee blocks are steadily coming in too. I am only waiting on two more and then I’ll have all 12. They look so bright and happy together. So spring-like. Not like the weather, which I’m not going to talk about.

Bee blocks

I’ve gotten the startings of the next Travelling Quilt and I have some ideas about what I’m going to do with it. I can’t show pictures of it once I add to it though, so I’ll just show it as it is now. This came from Little D and Me.

Canadian Travelling Quilt

And, lastly, I got two new rulers recently. I’ve been wanting these for awhile but hadn’t been able to find them locally. I also want an apple core template/ruler, but I’ve had no luck with that one. Any suggestions as to where to find one of those?

New rulers

6 thoughts on “I’m glad I never signed up for that fabric fast

  1. Oh, I’m glad I didn’t sign up for a fabric fast too. Couldn’t stick with that diet for 5 minutes. Are you in Canada? Joann’s Fabrics, Annie’s Attic (online and catalog), Fons and Porter come to mind for the rulers you desire. Or have you tried Inklingo? She is Canadian, and you print directly on the back of your fabric. http://www.Inklingo.com


  2. Yeah, I couldn’t sign up either. I was just contemplating the mice fabric last night while shopping at Intrepid Thread (Julie has the best taste) but I passed it up because I didn’t have a specific project in mind and because of all the new lines from Spring Market that I know I’ll just have to have soon enough.


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