Baby Ships – A Finished Flimsy!

I’ve completed Baby Ships for my new nephew!  I started to lag toward the end, typical for me near the end of every project, but I pushed through it and got the top done.  Now I have to decide how to quilt it.  I. love. it.  It is so scrappy, my favourite kind of quilt.  And it looks almost exactly how my head told me it was going to look, which is not even close to typical when I design patterns.

Baby Ships

My favourite patterns are the one where you get something unexpected or extra when you put the blocks together, and this one gives you subtle stars. So pretty.

Baby Ships

And the lovely shapes you get when the coloured corners come together.

Baby Ships

Baby Ships

I don’t know yet when I’ll see my nephew again to deliver this quilt, but I want to have it totally done by then. Whenever that is.

Baby Ships

I love the sunlight shining through a flimsy, when you can see all the seams and it looks liked stained glass. It makes all that work worth it, to see a project come together like this.

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7 thoughts on “Baby Ships – A Finished Flimsy!

  1. The inclusion of low volume fabrics for the background of this quilt has elevated it to a level of sophistication that is to die for! Brava!


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