Baby Ships

My brother and his wife had a baby recently, their first son, and of course I’m making a quilt for him.  It’s going to be larger than crib size, though I’m not quite sure if it will hit twin bed size since I ran out of the ship fabric I fussy cut for the block centres.  I used lime green and turquoise, since those are the colours of his nursery.

I had sketched a pattern for the quilt I was planning to make using the Winged Square block.  I thought that it would go well with the ships, with the triangles emulating the sails.

baby ships 1-1

I set about making this quilt, and I figured I’d start with all the little HSTs and get those out of the way first. I did the math and cut all my fabric. After a few evenings, I was done and trimmed the last one. Then I set out to lay out the blocks and realized, to my horror, I only had half as many HSTs as I actually needed. I really, really didn’t want to make any more, so I went back to sketching to see if I could turn my math error into something positive.

baby ships 2-2

I somehow had to change half of the HSTs in each block into something else. Since the block is grouped like a 9-patch, I chose two sets of 4 HSTs each and fiddled around with those. I tried turning them into squares but I didn’t like that. Then I turned them into larger HSTs, since I felt like I could handle making 40 more instead of 160 more. This is what I ended up with. I was amazed how the overall effect of the quilt is completely different.

Baby Ships - 2/3 done!

I’m 2/3 done the blocks now. I had to take a break for a little family holiday, and then my vertigo flared up so I haven’t worked on it yet. Hopefully soon I can get it finished and deliver it to my nephew!

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