Pattern Testing – Chugging Along

People who know my husband well will know that he is a complete and total train buff.  He has been since he was a small child, and if anything, the fascination has increased as he’s gotten older.  He loves model trains, real trains, accurate books about trains, train history…you get the idea.  In fact, nearly a third of our basement has been designated as a space for his future, in-home, model train layout.  (I get one of the other thirds for quilting stuff, so it’s all good.)

So when I saw this pattern from Esther at I Patch and Quilt, and saw that she was asking for testers, I volunteered right away.  She sent me the locomotive, passenger car, and coal car, but I haven’t gotten around to the coal car yet.  The wheels were challenging, 17 pieces in each one, but I took it slow and it all came together nicely.

Chugging Along - Locomotive

I did the locomotive first. I fussy cut centres for the wheels and the driver. I used this particular shade of red because it is my husband’s favourite colour.

Chugging Along - Passenger car

I did the passenger car next and couldn’t resist fussy cutting some more people to put inside. And this one only had two wheels, so on the whole, this block went faster.

Chugging Along


I intend to make the last block yet, and then I will turn these into a pillow or something.  I’m not sure yet.  They can rest on my design wall in the meantime.

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