Celtic Solstice progress

I haven’t sewn a whole lot lately, but I have been plugging away on my Celtic Solstice.  I’ve gotten nearly half the blocks done and have been stalled at this point for a bit.  So often this happens to me, that I get nearly halfway on a big project and then loose momentum.  I need to motivate myself somehow to get this done.  Any ideas?

Celtic Solstice - almost halfway!

I really love how it looks, so that’s not the reason for lacking motivation.  And I also really want to see how it looks completely finished.  Do more people have that strange feeling, really wanting to see a project completed but lacking the desire to actually do the work to get it to the point where its done?  I hope so, because then we can commiserate together.

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16 thoughts on “Celtic Solstice progress

  1. I think I pretty much always have that feeling – I always like the beginning best and then want things done without having to put any more time into it.

    Anyway, that’s gorgeous! I think I’d probably be super tempted to stop there, slap a 12-inch “border” across the top in just solid blue (or maybe a blue print) and then another 24 or 36-inches across the bottom. (That just looks like SO much piecing to keep making those blocks!)


  2. Wow that looks amazing!! I think a good reason to finish it is so that you can start wendas cathedral window quilt! I’m so excited to see both these quilts finished;-)


  3. It is amazing! I can see why all that work might have left you feeling a bit tired of it. I often run out of steam halfway through a project and think that sometimes the best thing is to take a break to make something small which is bound to be a success, and then return to the big project setting yourself one small goal at a time on the road to finishing it. But I am a big procrastinator:-)


  4. I think Catherine has hit the nail on the head. Don’t think of the project as a whole, break it down into segments and when each segment is completed, treat it as a finish. You can have small projects in between the segments to give you a bit more gas. (The good kind of gas. ;o). )


  5. I know all too well what you are talking about: in the beginning it is so interesting to see how it will look, and then it gets a bit boring…. What helps me is somebody commenting on it, or a second (third, fourth) project to work on at the same time so I can alternate. But you have already done so much, and your colours are so nice, you’ll be finished in no time!


  6. I think it is the time of year. I was looking through my pile of UFO’s today, and sorting them into priorities. Think how pleased you will be with yourself when you get this one finished, to give or snuggle under.


  7. It looks very happy! I frequently lose momentum in the middle of projects, too. But hopefully you can keep doing it little bit by little bit, until suddenly you just want to get it done. At least that’s what happens to me. if I put it away I’m unlikely to go back to it, but if I just do a little bit from time to time, I don’t give up.


  8. It’s really coming along nicely – keep at it. You have hit the dreaded 30% stage. Bonnie talked about this on one of Quilt Cam episodes – Most UFOs occur when you get 30% done with a project. Your still heading uphill and are easily distracted by wanting to do something else new. If you can push through to 50% done, it’s all downhill after that & much easier to see your way to the finish line. Keep on keeping on and you’ll be thrilled to get this quilt done – it’s beautiful


  9. So you have all the clues done except putting the large blocks together? All those 3″ units are piled up waiting for you? At this point, I chain pieced the larger blocks…you know, unit one to unit two for all 24-25 of a block, then added unit 3 to get the first row, made rows two and three the same way, then put the rows together. That way, I had all the blocks done in the same step, which not only gets then done faster, but feels great because I could see my progress better than if I’d made one block at a time. I hope that helps 😃. If not, then maybe it’ll help to imagine getting that quilt done so you can use it. I cannot wait to get mine on my bed! My blocks ate ready to be joined into a top, and I’ve had to pull off to do two time-sensitive smaller projects for others, but I am itching to get at it!!


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