Bee block catch-up

This month I had a bit of cross-over on some of my bees.  Two new ones started up this month, but two others had January as their last month, so there was a bit of cross-over.  So I had 6 people to make blocks for, in all.  They have all been shipped now so they should be on their way to their intended destinations.

The Japanese X and + bee is actually wrapping up early.  This bee has been a bit of a let-down, since so many people have dropped out and many others have just not sent their blocks out at all.  The remaining mates decided to just make the blocks for those still waiting all at once and be done with it.  I am one of those still waiting, so I didn’t have to make any for me, and made 3 sets for the others.

X and   Bee - for FrancineX and   Bee - for AlisaX and   Bee - for Kerry

Next up is the Aenous group in the Simply Solids bee. Laura wanted a herringbone block done in jewel tones.

Simply Solids Aenous - January

In Canadians Quilt, Jaclyn asked for any star block, done in aquas and pinks with a low volume background. I apparently have very little pink in my stash, but I found some that I hope is to her liking.

Canadians Quilt - January

And finally, the Stash Bee. Courtney asked for these 9-patches, and I made her two since they were so quick and easy to put together.

Stash Bee - January - Hive 6Stash Bee - January - Hive 6

And now I’m done for another month! Next month I should only have 2 blocks to make, which is an easy amount for me. I think 2 bees is right at my comfort level.

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