Start a new project? Don’t mind if I do!

It’s been a snowy couple of days here at the Apple Pie house.  There is a drift as tall as Thing 1 where my garden was (she’s 4’6″).  And it’s still snowing.  We are on snow day #2 and counting.  So, when I have lots of things to do, what do I do instead?  Start sewing!  A brand new project of course, ignoring all the projects on my WIP list.

For many years, I have followed Bonnie Hunter’s blog.  Every year, from American Thanksgiving to the end of the year, she does a mystery quilt.  And for years, I have wanted to play along but I don’t because I feel obligated to finish other stuff first.  But no more!  I’m doing it!  The clues are posted on Fridays, and there is a link-up on Mondays. I pulled fabric yesterday, since I’m changing up the colours slightly, and got everything cut for step 1.  This year’s mystery is called Celtic Soltice, though I may change the name for my quilt.

Fabric pull for the new Bonnie Hunter Mystery

These mysteries are not for the faint of heart.  Step 1 is making 188 triangle units, 92 with orange, and 96 with background.  I have them all cut now, and here are the two practice units I sewed, to make sure my seam allowances were accurate. These units are made with the Tri-Recs tool.

Bonnie Hutner Mystery, step 1


I’m know I won’t get this done anytime soon, primarily because I’m going out of town for the holidays, but I’m glad I decided to join along this time.  These little units have always been a favourite shape of mine.  I’ll link this up with Quiltville, so you can find your way there.

5 thoughts on “Start a new project? Don’t mind if I do!

  1. I just observed Bonnie’s mysteries for a few years, until last year I jumped in for the first time. Participating was a great experience, so I’m back for another one. Hope you enjoy the process as much as I have!


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