Bee Blocks and a prize!

About 2 weeks ago, just as I was getting over my sewing funk, I got sick.  I got a very nasty cold that decided it would be fun to change up what part of me felt the worst on a daily basis.  First it was my chest, then my throat, then my sinuses, then my chest, and on and on.  After 10 days of that, my mother and husband both politely suggested that I might want to consider seeing the doctor.  I wasn’t going to, but then my chest really started to hurt and changed my mind.  Turns out it was a bacterial infection and not a viral cold.  After being on antibiotics for nearly a week, I am feeling worlds better.

While I was sick, I kept wanting to sew, but didn’t have the energy to sew. So I made some bee blocks.  They didn’t take long, and gave me a small sense of accomplishment. I made blocks for the Simply Solids Bee.

Simply Solids Bee - Aeneous - November
Simply Solids Bee - Carmine - November
Simply Solids Bee - Aeneous - December

I also caught up in the x and + bee, since I still had to do October. I did November right away as well.

X and   bee - October
X and   bee - November

There was an awesome bit of news that I got recently.  My herringbone quilt (top) won a prize in the MSBHQAL!  My first quilting prize ever!  I won a rainbow pack of Aurifil thread!  Yay!  I’ve heard awesome things about this thread, but I haven’t ever used it before and I’m stoked to get a chance.

Photo from Molli Sparkles.

Here’s my quilt top again.  It has a special place in my heart now; my first prizewinner!
MSBHQAL - Finished top!

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