Broken Herringbone

I’ve been in a bit of sewing funk lately, or maybe I should say, a non-sewing funk lately.  I go through these from time to time, and they don’t usually last long.  I hope this one’s wrapping up soon though; my machine might start to feel neglected.

In an effort to break out of the funk, I sewed when I didn’t feel like sewing.  I don’t like it when I don’t feel like sewing; it seems very unnatural a state to be in.  I finished up the last 9 herringbone blocks that I needed to get the top finished.  I went with blue on the top and bottom, so I actually have one extra orange/red block that will probably get used on the back.

MSBHQAL - Finished top!

I tried a new picture spot, since there was snow outside and I had no tall person available to hold the top up for me.  I really love how the top looks like stained glass hanging in the window like this.  So pretty.

The idea for doing a gradated colour was something I picked up on Anne’s post when the QAL started.  For the colour scheme, I was inspired by a photo that I found on my computer’s hard drive.  I uploaded it into Anne’s palette builder, a totally amazing and awesome tool, and came up with the main colours that I ended up using, though I tweaked the papaya and cedar together and added a red.



Now this top will get added to the pile. The pile that I’m totally going to tackle soon.  I hope.

10 thoughts on “Broken Herringbone

  1. Such a wonderful colour combination, and I love the herringbone layout. Currently I’m putting together a stained glass denim quilt. My denim ranges from white to very dark blue and I’m loving the contrast.


  2. Love your colors! When I saw it on Molly’s page, the colors reminded me of puffins. So surprised you used an inspiration photo and it was a bird species! Very cool how you managed to blend the colors from block to block.


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