A milestone

Today is my 10th wedding anniversary.  I have been with Mr. Apple Pie for half of my life now.  We dated for 4.5 years before we got married, and now we’ve been married for 10 years.  And since I’m 29, that’s half my life.  A little bit mind-boggling when I think about it too seriously.

I was thinking the other day about when we first told each other “I love you”.  Mr. Apple Pie told me he loved me first, and I didn’t know what to say back, so I said, “thank you”. I remember thinking that I might love him, but I was young, only 16, and I wasn’t sure, and I didn’t want him to think I loved him if I didn’t.

I was very analytical and meticulous then, (well, he would argue, rightly so, that I still am) so I really paid attention to how I felt when I was around him, how much I missed him when he wasn’t around for the next couple of weeks, etc., so I could figure out how I felt. I know, so romantic.  About a month later, he said it again, and I felt confident that I could say it back. It seems so funny now, when I look back and think about it.  Naive 16-year-old me could never have imagined how much I would love him all these years later.

I’m feeling kind of sappy and weepy today, since it’s our anniversary, but he’s out of town. On my wedding day, I remember picturing my 10th anniversary, and this was not what I imagined!  We are going to have a dinner date when he gets home, but for today, I will carry on with the routine of bringing kids to and from school, maybe do some Christmas shopping, and spend the evening at Thing 3’s Christmas concert.  And probably cry because she’s so earnest and sweet and adorable.  And therefore make the camera wobble when I’m recording it for Daddy to watch later.

I’m really glad that 14.5 years ago, he saw something in me. He has made my life so full and wonderful.  God gave me something amazing when he brought us together. These first 10 years have been magnificent and I eagerly await he next 50.

Wedding #2


That was when he still had hair. 🙂


My prize came! And a small WIP

This morning, someone rang my doorbell and dropped off something wonderful.

Aurifil Thread prize

This thread is so vibrant. What an amazing prize for the MSBHQAL! Thanks so much Molli, for hosting and sending me this. I can’t wait to get playing!


I’ve been working on Christmas gifts lately, and this is the most recent one. I need to get this quilted and finished ASAP so that I can ship it to someone overseas. I can’t say who, since it’s a secret exchange, but I feel confident that they will like this. I have seen some Dr. Who, and I’m glad that the 50th anniversary was recently, because there were lots of amazing free patterns out there because of it. This one is from Sew Hooked and I downloaded it from Craftsy.

Other than that, I haven’t done a lot of sewing lately.  I’m linking up with the Needle and Thread Network for WIP Wednesday.  Off to see what everyone else has been up to!  Probably a whole lot more than me. 😉

Road to Fortune, in progress

Welcome to all who are visiting as part of the Canadian Blogathon!  Today is Alberta day, and since I live in Alberta, I thought I’d post a welcome to those who are stopping by.  Last year I hosted the blog hop for Alberta, and this year that honour goes to Katherine at Sew Me Something Good and Andrea at Urban Quilt Works.  They are having giveaways today, so be sure to visit them and comment for a chance to win.

My most recent WIP is my Road to Fortune top. This is the block that I requested from my hive mates in the Simply Solids Bee.  It’s paper pieced, and you can find the free pattern here.  All the blocks have arrived now, so I can start assembly soon.

Simply Solids Bee - Aeneous

Since I’m going to set them on point, I need to make one more block to fill out that last corner.  Then I’m going to piece some setting triangles to continue the shape made by the rings as they connect with each other.  I really like all the different colours that the bee members used.  The best part of a scrap-busting bee is the variety that you get in the blocks you receive!

Thanks to those who stopped by!  I hope you enjoyed your stay. Have a good look around while you’re here. 🙂

Bee Blocks and a prize!

About 2 weeks ago, just as I was getting over my sewing funk, I got sick.  I got a very nasty cold that decided it would be fun to change up what part of me felt the worst on a daily basis.  First it was my chest, then my throat, then my sinuses, then my chest, and on and on.  After 10 days of that, my mother and husband both politely suggested that I might want to consider seeing the doctor.  I wasn’t going to, but then my chest really started to hurt and changed my mind.  Turns out it was a bacterial infection and not a viral cold.  After being on antibiotics for nearly a week, I am feeling worlds better.

While I was sick, I kept wanting to sew, but didn’t have the energy to sew. So I made some bee blocks.  They didn’t take long, and gave me a small sense of accomplishment. I made blocks for the Simply Solids Bee.

Simply Solids Bee - Aeneous - November
Simply Solids Bee - Carmine - November
Simply Solids Bee - Aeneous - December

I also caught up in the x and + bee, since I still had to do October. I did November right away as well.

X and   bee - October
X and   bee - November

There was an awesome bit of news that I got recently.  My herringbone quilt (top) won a prize in the MSBHQAL!  My first quilting prize ever!  I won a rainbow pack of Aurifil thread!  Yay!  I’ve heard awesome things about this thread, but I haven’t ever used it before and I’m stoked to get a chance.

Photo from Molli Sparkles.

Here’s my quilt top again.  It has a special place in my heart now; my first prizewinner!
MSBHQAL - Finished top!

Broken Herringbone

I’ve been in a bit of sewing funk lately, or maybe I should say, a non-sewing funk lately.  I go through these from time to time, and they don’t usually last long.  I hope this one’s wrapping up soon though; my machine might start to feel neglected.

In an effort to break out of the funk, I sewed when I didn’t feel like sewing.  I don’t like it when I don’t feel like sewing; it seems very unnatural a state to be in.  I finished up the last 9 herringbone blocks that I needed to get the top finished.  I went with blue on the top and bottom, so I actually have one extra orange/red block that will probably get used on the back.

MSBHQAL - Finished top!

I tried a new picture spot, since there was snow outside and I had no tall person available to hold the top up for me.  I really love how the top looks like stained glass hanging in the window like this.  So pretty.

The idea for doing a gradated colour was something I picked up on Anne’s post when the QAL started.  For the colour scheme, I was inspired by a photo that I found on my computer’s hard drive.  I uploaded it into Anne’s palette builder, a totally amazing and awesome tool, and came up with the main colours that I ended up using, though I tweaked the papaya and cedar together and added a red.



Now this top will get added to the pile. The pile that I’m totally going to tackle soon.  I hope.