Fall is here!

I love Fall.  I think that Autumn and Spring are my favourite seasons.  They are mild in temperature, and they are just so incredibly colourful.  And when I look out my front window, I can definitely tell that Fall has arrived.  Time for pumpkin flavoured everything!

Under the ash tree in the fall

I’ve been plugging away at my Broken Herringbone, making bunches of blocks in spurts and then stopping for awhile again. I love how it’s turning out. I’ve haven’t decided which colour I want at the top and bottom though, to start and finish the chevron rows. Start with orange or start with blue?  I’m hoping to do a 4×5 layout.

MSBHQAL 12 of 20 planned blocks, layout 1

MSBHQAL 12 of 20 planned blocks, layout 2

I need to decide before I can finish it, since I have to make more of the blocks that I start and end with. What do you prefer?

My Road to Fortune blocks (free pattern here) are coming in from my bee mates. 5 have arrived so far, plus my own, so I’m waiting on 6 more. It’s looks like what my head thought it should look like, which is wonderful.

Simply Solids Bee - Aenous - October blocks so far

My stack of finished tops is at 6 right now, so I’m going to challenge myself to not start anything else new until I quilt at least 1 or 2 of them.  I will only be allowed to finish in-progress stuff.  So, nobody start any cool QALs soon, ok?

Edit:  This is post 100!  Woohoo!  Should I have a giveaway to celebrate?

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8 thoughts on “Fall is here!

  1. Your block (from me) is on tap for this weekend. I didn’t mean to leave it so late, but somehow here it is nearly the end of the month and I haven’t done more than print off the pages!

    With the Herringbone, I was going to say I like the second picture better and I was trying to decide why, and then I realized I like it as much because there’s a splash of light in the top corner that doesn’t exist in the other photo, that is lighting up that row of blue really beautifully 😀 Anyway, I think I still like it better because it sort of distributes the stronger blues and reds across the quilt in a better way than with the lighter grey/orange at the top.


  2. And I vote for starting with orange… mostly because it looks more like it fades and rises like pretty, pretty flames!

    Your Road to Fortune blocks are looking great together! It was such a fun block to make. 🙂


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