Sewing for Things

My little Thing 3 had a bad cold in the week after school started.  She was coughing and had a sore throat and wanted to cuddle a lot.  To make her feel better, I offered to make her a pillowcase of her very own.  The other Things had pillowcases custom made for them when she was a baby and didn’t use a pillow yet, so this made her feel all big and grown up.  She chose her own fabrics, all nice and bright, of course.

Say 'cheese'!

It took her a few shots to look at me and smile at the same time.

Look at mommy this time!

Look and mommy 'and' say cheese!

She loves it, thankfully. She had second thoughts on the yellow and wanted me to change it to green when I was nearly finished sewing, but I was mean mommy and said ‘no’.  But once her pillow was in and it was all fluffed up, she forgot about that and just snuggled it.  And gave her cold to me. Thanks?

2 thoughts on “Sewing for Things

  1. I made my first pillowcase for a charity drive a few months ago and was struck by what an easy, high-return project it is! Your Thing 3 looks pleased as punch with her pretty bright purple pillowcase. I need to make some to keep in my own house!


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