Bee blocks and many various WIPs

I’ve been linking up with WIP Wednesday at the Needle and Thread Network these last few weeks, but I’ve only been showing the good stuff.  The dirty laundry, projects much farther from completion, those I’ve been keeping under wraps.  So I’ll start with the older stuff and work my way forward.

HST pet project

This has been in progress for a long, long time. These little blocks finish at 7.5″ and I had been working on the little 1.5″ HSTs for a couple of months, on and off, when I felt like it. I needed 768 of them for the 48 blocks I planned. All of the HSTs are done now, and now I’m on to block assembly. I have these 8 done, and only 40 more to go!

MSBHQAL - 4 blocks done!

I recently joined the Molli Sparkles Broken Herringbone Quilt Along (MSBHQAL) because I apparently think that I have nothing to do. The tutorial is by Anne from Play Crafts. Most of the participants of this QAL are doing rainbow blocks, but Anne had sketched this chevron pattern that I fell in love with and decided to do that instead.

I’m was in one of the Canadian versions of the Simply Solids Bee, but the second Canadian group had someone drop out, so offered to fill that spot. So far I’ve done 3 blocks for that group.

Simply Solids Aenous - July
Simply Solids Aenous - AugustSimply Solids - Aenous

And in my original group in the Simply Solids Bee, I haven’t shared the blocks I’ve made in quite a few months. So prepare for more picture overload!

Simply Solids Carmine Group - July
Simply Solids Carmine - August
Simply Solids Bee - Carmine
Simply Solids Bee - Carmine

Funny story with that last set of blocks. I’m the angel in September, making an extra block for the Queen Bee. I first made the block with the blue background, and when I was done, I realized the pinwheel was spinning the wrong way. Oops. And since I really, really hate unpicking seams, I made another one instead of taking it apart and re-sewing it. Except I didn’t have enough of the blue scrap, so I had to rearrange the colours. I sent her all 3 of them; I hope she can find a use for the extra one.

So that’s what I’ve been up to!  Well, I’ve sewn more stuff, but I don’t always take pictures of all my in-progress stuff.  So I guess that’s just the interesting stuff that I’ve been up to.  🙂

14 thoughts on “Bee blocks and many various WIPs

  1. Ack… I really need to do that skinny churn dash! (And maybe make a few more regular churn dashes for my own quilt!)

    Anyway….. I really like how your chevron/broken herringbone is turning out! Gorgeous colours/fabrics. And that first one with the bitty little HSTs is going to look amazing finished. Very nice.


  2. “I recently joined the Molli Sparkles Broken Herringbone Quilt Along (MSBHQAL) because I apparently think that I have nothing to do.”

    Ha ha ha! That cracks me up! I surf the blogs and it’s all I can do from joining every single quilt along I see! They’re all so wonderful. Love the projects you have going on especially the herring bone and the half square triangles.


  3. That quilt with all the hsts is going to be spectacular! Personally, I’m always glad to see WIPs. I think it’s a truer picture of what a quilter’s life is really like!


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