Magic Disappearing 9-patch

Many months ago, probably even more than a year actually, I did a demo for my local guild using a variation on the popular Disappearing 9-patch (D9P) block.  The Magic 9-patch (M9P) was a pattern I found online after searching blocks that would match the ‘slashed blocks’ theme of our meeting.  The pattern is by Lyn Brown, and can be found here.

Magic Disappearing 9-patch

For the demo I had blocks in various stages of completion to show the technique and then also a little flimsy of I think 6 blocks sewn together to give an idea of what the completed project would look like. Everything was cut out already at that point. I had enough cut for 25 blocks, which is what I used in this top. It was very quick at the time, I think I did it in an evening or two before the meeting. Of course I promised to complete it quickly after and bring it back so that everyone could see a whole quilt. Hmm. Does more than a year count as ‘quickly’?

Magic Disappearing 9-patch

I’m glad that at least the top is done now. It can be added to my growing stack of completed tops waiting to be quilted.

Magic Disappearing 9-patch

A new photo spot in my yard! It is getting harder to effectively use the fence behind the corn, as you’ll see shortly, and I don’t typically take pictures in the ash tree until they are completely done, so I had to search for an alternative. This is the wall beside my back deck. The mottled sunshine seems to work with this top.

Magic Disappearing 9-patch

Now you see it, and now you don’t! It’s great that the corn is doing so well, but my quilt hanging fence is a little obscured. It really is a Magic Disappearing 9-patch!

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