Alberta Clipper

I have lots and lots of quilts in progress at any given point in time.  I don’t think this is an uncommon thing for a quilter, especially given all the finish-alongs that you can join.  This summer, I’ve been trying to work on putting together my UFOs.  Well, at least turning them in to finished tops.  The most recent one to join the finished tops list is the quilt made from blocks from the Simply Solids bee.


This is the sketch I made in EQ6 when I drafted the block pattern. I had planned to sash the blocks and set them straight.

Simply Solids Bee, Carmine Group - May blocks

Then I laid them out without sashing once I had gotten them all in the mail, and decided that they looked better that way. I particularly liked the little diamonds that formed in the corners where the blocks met.

Simply Solids Bee - Carmine

This is what I ended up with. I put them on point! And I love it! I needed 18 blocks for this setting, so I made a few more to add to the ones that my hive mates made me. Then I auditioned different colours for the setting triangles, but no one fabric fit with the very colourful blocks. So I picked all the options and used a different colour for each setting triangle. It is so full of in-your-face colour. It is so, so me.

Simply Solids Bee - Carmine

I finished the top last week, but I had to wait for Mr. Apple Pie to be home so that he could hold it while I took a picture.

Simply Solids Bee - Carmine

The colours in these shots are very close to what it looks like in person. The purple in the bottom left block is a little greyish in front of the garden, but other than that, this is Alberta Clipper in all of its saturated glory. My tutorial is here, if any of you want to make it.

This top makes me very happy.  The solids are awesome!  The top is awesome!  I’m so happy I picked this block!  Now I just have to decide how to quilt it.  Any suggestions?

I’m linking up to TGIFF, hosted by Pippa’s Patch this week.

27 thoughts on “Alberta Clipper

  1. This is absolutely, hands-down one of the coolest, eye-catching and holding quilt tops I’ve seen in such a long time. Well done!!
    Cheers, from Oshawa Ontario.


  2. Wow!! What a fabulous quilt and a wonderful idea to use all different colours for your setting triangles. It looks wonderful. Thanks for sharing. Stopping by from TGFF.


  3. This looks fantastic – I saw the blocks sometimes on flickr – the on point setting really does the trick, gives them much more “patterns to discover” than the other layout.
    Now I want one too!


  4. I love it on point! And I love the multi-coloured setting squares – looks fantastic. Normally I’m not huge on solids, but this is definitely a time when they make the design pop! Great choices and beautiful work! :^)


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