Falling for Stripes

At the end of July, M-R of Quilt Matters put out a call for pattern testers for her new pattern, Falling for Stripes.  I really like the pattern, so I volunteered, and was one of a chosen few.  Yay!  It went together very quickly, actually.  I worked on it mostly in the evenings, and I think it took about 4 nights from cutting to having the top done.

Pattern Testing for M-R

It is not huge, about 46″ x 55″, I think. There is the option in this pattern to have a multi-coloured background, but with the stripe I chose to focus on, the wavy, wonky blocks needed some calming down, so I went with the one-colour background, and chose white.

Pattern Testing for M-R

I think Thing 1 was actually holding it up upside-down here, but it looks good that way too!

Pattern Testing for M-R

Here it is, right side up. I like the wonky-ness of it. I like structure and perfectly matching seams, so it was a little difficult for me to let go of that well ordered way of quilting. But I really like the result.

Pattern Testing for M-R

I don’t know if you can tell here, but I accidentally ended up using two different whites. There is a slightly warmer white around the smaller block, to the right and to the bottom. Oh well. That’s what happens when you sew at night under poor lighting conditions, I guess. I’ve decided it adds to the wonky-ness of the quilt and will not be changing it. I came to this decision because I don’t like unpicking seams. 🙂

I’m linking up to the Needle and Thread Network, as it’s Wednesday today.

13 thoughts on “Falling for Stripes

  1. Again, very original: the size of the squares, the layout, the two-tone background. Yet, there is impressive, almost mathematical, structure. Amazing.


  2. Fabulous! The mix of whites only really stands out once you know it’s there! Have done that myself before now but not noticed until it was quilted!!


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