Bugs in Paris 2

I know, Bugs in Paris 2, the most original name ever.  This is the second commissioned quilt that I recently completed.  She requested that I use long strips, but didn’t want just long horizontal or vertical stripes, so we came up with this compromise instead.  It was incredibly easy and quick to put together.  I started with a general size that I wanted the quilt to finish at, then subtracted the borders, and divided the remaining size into quadrants.  I cut strips into two lengths, one set for the vertical stripes, the other for the horizontal stripes, and added 1.5″ for possible errors. I used widths varying sizes from 1.5″ to 2.5″ and sewed strip sets together until I had the height that I needed.  I then squared them up and once I had the 4 quadrants done, I sewed those together and added borders.

Bugs in Paris 2

My corn has grown a lot in the month since the first commissioned quilt was completed. It did suffer a slight delay from hail damage, but it has rebounded nicely. In a month, it will be too tall to take quilt pictures on this fence. But then I’ll get yummy fresh corn on the cob, so it’s an easy trade to make.

Bugs in Paris 2

I quilted each strip individually with the loop de loop pattern that I’ve been practicing a fair bit lately. And I’m amazed by how much the practice is helping. This quilting pattern is very easy for me to do now. Practicing new quilting patterns has been added to my ever growing list of things to do.

Bugs in Paris 2

The centre ended up looking really funky with all the loops radiating out.

Bugs in Paris 2

As requested, I used the same backing as last time. It shows up the quilting really well, which I love. I remember when I started quilting, it was so intimidating to have the quilting stitches show up on the back, since you could see the flaws more easily when you weren’t so distracted by the patterns on the front. And now I’m leaning to the opposite end of the spectrum, where I really want the quilting to show.

Bugs in Paris 2

A quilt can’t leave my house until it’s been in the ash tree, right?

Bugs in Paris 2

Bugs in Paris 2

Bugs in Paris 2

12 thoughts on “Bugs in Paris 2

    • Thank you! Choosing the fabrics is my favourite part of the whole process. I have lots of sewing machines, but the one I use primarily for piecing is an older Singer 247 that I was given for free by someone who couldn’t figure out how to work it. They had threaded it wrong. 🙂 I love it. It’s a total workhorse, being an all metal machine, and sews an amazing straight stitch. It was manufactured in the late 70s.

      I do my quilting on a Janome 6019 Quilter’s Companion. It’s also an older, discontinued machine. It is fairly a basic, non-computerized machine with a much smaller throat space then I’d like (only about 6″). 🙂 I do not have a long arm.

      Shena Apple Pie Patchwork


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