Portland, part 2: Fabric

There will not be a lot of words in this post.  It will just be pictures of the fabric that I bought in Portland, and at The Island Quilter on Vashon Island.  They have amazing, wonderful stores in Portland.  I am envious of people who live there and can shop at these lovely modern shops all the time.  The people who can see Heather Ross fabric in person more than once in their lives.

First up: Text fabric!
Portland fabric - textComma; Architextures; type-writer print; Chicken Soup recipe from Timeless Treasures

Japanese cotton/linen blends!
Portland fabric - JapaneseI don’t know the fabric lines these are from. Some of them are Kokka.

Portland fabricJust some lovely modern goodness. I particularly like the rainboots, apples, and bees.

Portland FabricMore fabric. There is some lovely low volumes (that dot to dot from American Jane is sooo cute!)

Portland fabricThis is the last one. All the FQs and my favourite print of all, a squirrel’s Map of Buried Treasure.

You can excuse me now.  I’m going to go pet some fabric.

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