Bugs in Paris

I finished the commissioned baby quilt before my holiday to Portland (which was completely awesome, and I’ll post about it soon).  I had meant to blog about this while I was away, but I was having too much fun and completely forgot.  So, I guess I’ll just blog about it now!


This quilt went together very quickly, as simple patchwork is wont to do. It’s the first time in awhile that I’ve added borders to anything, but they were requested, so on they went. I really like the pink and orange together, and the grey ground everything quite nicely.


I know my fence needs to be painted, but it makes a nice rustic backdrop for my quits in the meantime. And this shot will not be possible in a few months, when the corn that’s planted in front of it will hopefully be nice and high.


This fence, on the other side of our yard, is in better shape, but we have the back side of it facing our yard. But it’s a nice spot, under a cherry tree.


I quilted it with a meandering loop. It went very quickly, and the looping was easier than the last time I tried it. Another example of how my free-motion is getting better all the time!


The backing is a really nice and soft irregular pink stripe. The quilting shows up beautifully on it. I bound it in a solid grey, and then hand-stitched the binding. I know that when I hand-stitch something it takes much longer and really makes it not worth my time when the quilt is going to be sold, but I just find the hand-stitching so soothing and relaxing. so I do it anyway. I might change my tune if I end up getting more commissioned projects, but I’ll stick with it for now.


And the quilt in the ash tree. I love this tree.

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5 thoughts on “Bugs in Paris

  1. I LOVE your shabby chic fence! Perfect for a backdrop. The quilt is lovely and I’m sure the recipient will appreciate the time you put in. I hand stitch my binding too, even if its to be sold. Enjoy the sun and watching your corn grow ; )


  2. Really cute! My sister has a baby shower this week and I said I’d do a quilt for her, and she wanted these colours to match the nursery – thanks for the inspiration!!

    PS – welcome to the bee! 🙂


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