Kindergarten Graduation, and some bee blocks

The school year is wrapping up again.  Thing 2 officially graduated from kindergarten a few days ago.  He learned so much this past year.  His reading skills are incredible.  Thing 1 has a week left of school, and then she’s off for her summer break too.  Next fall all of them will be in school.  Thing 3 will be in grade 4, in the big kids’ hallway, Thing 2 will be in grade 1, and Thing 3 will start preschool, just two afternoons a week.  And for the first time in nearly 9 years, I will have time when there are no children home with me.  That is definitely bittersweet.

Thing 2 - K grad

He was so proud of all his artwork that he wanted a picture taken in front of it. The children all made their caps themselves, and they got to wear gowns as well. It was a lovely and sweet evening.

Thing 1, story time

Thing 1 is growing up too. Another few inches and she’ll be up to my shoulders already! I’ll cherish the little moments in her childhood though, like when she reads her doll stories to help her doll get over her bad dreams.

X and   blocks - June
X and   blocks - June


These are my blocks for June in the X and + bee.  Nan requested little triangles in solid colours, and Cathy wanted the crosses in red with nothing too bright.  I tell you, it is really hard for me to tone down on the bright!  I hope these are satisfactory.  These little blocks are really fun to make; I’m really glad that I joined this bee.

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