X and + blocks

I’ve been in a bit of a sewing slump again lately.  My energy levels have been very low because my iron levels have apparently decided that the basement is where they like to be.  Being exhausted because you just emptied half of a dishwasher is not fun.  I typically sew a lot in the evening, but that hasn’t been happening lately. This, unfortunately, means that I haven’t been sewing very much at all.  I’m slowly getting the iron levels back up, and once this nasty little spring cold leaves me alone, I want to sew again.  I think it’s been almost two weeks since I used my sewing machine.  That makes me sad.

The last things that I made were some X and + blocks for a sewing bee that I’m in.  One person requested blacks and whites with bright colours mixed in, and the other wanted a bright block with solids, spots, geometrics, or stripes.  Bright is right up my alley!  This is what I made them.  We are using the tutorial from Badskirt for this bee.

May x and   blocks - for Mary

May x and   blocks - for Nicky

Hmm, the carpet is the same in both of those pictures.  It’s amazing what light can do, isn’t it?  My turn on this bee is not till next January, but I’ve already decided what I want. Bright blocks (of course!) with an aqua cross in the centre.


I love those little cherries on the corner.  So cute.  I also love that the warm weather is finally here and I can eat some cherries for real soon.  I love the fresh fruit that summer brings.

4 thoughts on “X and + blocks

  1. Low iron people of the world unite! I know how you feel – it’s probably this dodgy late spring, too. It’s taken work to get my iron and my sewing back up to snuff, too. Feel better soon!

    Your blocks are really cute!


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