Forest Path

Slowly but surely, my energy levels are getting better again.  I don’t feel like napping every day anymore, and, most importantly, I have energy to sew again!  I wanted to finish a quilt, not just make some blocks or sew a top together so I made the decision to finish of my donation quilt.  The top was pieced in March and I had originally planned to add a small border, but I scrapped that idea and just set to basting it the way it was.

I’ve been wanting to try out new free-motion designs lately, so I used this quilt to practice another simple one: the loop-de-loops that I’ve seen on many of Denyse Schmidt’s work.  Mine are a lot more wonky than hers, but they had noticeable improved from the start to the finish of quilting, so at least the practicing is helping!

Forest Path 1

Forest Path 2

I noticed after I took these pictures and already donated the quilt that there was a little piece of batting fuzz stuck to the top in this close-up shot. Oh well.

Forest Path 3

My yard is in full blown spring right now and I am loving it. My lilac bushes are full of wonderful fragrant blooms. I cut a few and put them in a vase inside and now my house smells like lilac too. I think having longer winters makes me appreciate the spring-time so much more than I ever did before.

Forest Path 4

Thing 3 also loves it that she can be outside more now. This is only slightly influenced by the fact that she can eat cheezies again. I don’t let the kids eat cheezies in the house, so they can only eat them in the warmer months when they can eat them outside. Getting fluorescent orange cheese out of your light coloured carpet is not as easy as I thought it would be.

Forest Path 5

Yesterday was another beautiful spring day. It was the last day Mr. Apple Pie was home so he was of course drafted into the quilt-holder job. The breeze was nice to feel, but slightly troublesome when it came to quilt photography.

Forest Path 6

Thing 3 saved the day and held the corner of quilt steady enough for me to take a picture of it. I love how she’s looking at her daddy behind the quilt. So sweet.

Forest Path 7

Thing 3 turned 3 years old yesterday. She’s been such an amazing blessing to our family. She’s so quick to smile and laugh, she’s friendly and outgoing, a little bit of tease, and just so happy all the time. Life was made so much sweeter when she joined us. The poor thing has a dreadful cold right now and she’s still happy and smiling.

Forest Path 8

I’ll leave you with the shot in the ash tree. Since I started taking pictures of my quilts in the same spot in the yard, I really notice the changes in the seasons more. It’s fitting that this green quilt gets its turn in the tree when everything is lush and flourishing around it.


X and + blocks

I’ve been in a bit of a sewing slump again lately.  My energy levels have been very low because my iron levels have apparently decided that the basement is where they like to be.  Being exhausted because you just emptied half of a dishwasher is not fun.  I typically sew a lot in the evening, but that hasn’t been happening lately. This, unfortunately, means that I haven’t been sewing very much at all.  I’m slowly getting the iron levels back up, and once this nasty little spring cold leaves me alone, I want to sew again.  I think it’s been almost two weeks since I used my sewing machine.  That makes me sad.

The last things that I made were some X and + blocks for a sewing bee that I’m in.  One person requested blacks and whites with bright colours mixed in, and the other wanted a bright block with solids, spots, geometrics, or stripes.  Bright is right up my alley!  This is what I made them.  We are using the tutorial from Badskirt for this bee.

May x and   blocks - for Mary

May x and   blocks - for Nicky

Hmm, the carpet is the same in both of those pictures.  It’s amazing what light can do, isn’t it?  My turn on this bee is not till next January, but I’ve already decided what I want. Bright blocks (of course!) with an aqua cross in the centre.


I love those little cherries on the corner.  So cute.  I also love that the warm weather is finally here and I can eat some cherries for real soon.  I love the fresh fruit that summer brings.

Surrendering to a nap

Thing 3 will be three years old at the end of this month.  She has grown into a wonderful little girl.  She is outgoing and friendly, she loves to talk, to read, and to sing.  She is lively and energetic, and gives fantastic hugs.  She has also not napped regularly since she was 18 months old.  So this afternoon nap of hers is a rarity.  A precious rarity.  I’m glad I caught it with my camera.  My sweet baby.


Childhood memories

Last summer, my brother-in-law married my wonderful sister-in-law.  It was such a beautiful wedding.  The weather was fabulous, the setting was so perfect, the ceremony was so sweet, and the party after was the perfect ending to a great day.  At some point, before or after the wedding, I’m not sure, she gave me some of her and her sister’s old pajamas for Thing 1.  She said they had long since outgrown them, and her mother had kept them for years, not being able to donate them because of the memories associated with them.  Her mother had made these pjs for her and her sister, so in the end, they decided to give them to me for Thing 1, so that they would still be used and loved.

My sister-in-law is one of the friendliest people I know.  She’s also gorgeous, and looks like Jennifer Lawrence.  Because we do not live near each other, I do not know her as well as I would like to.  We have busy lives, and the distance does not make it easy to get together for a quick cup of coffee or a short jaunt to the mall.  When I realized that Thing 1 was actually already too big for the clothes, I started thinking that it would be a great idea to make a little quilt out of them, and give them back to my sister-in-law’s mother as a way to store her memories.  I have found that quilts are the best way to store memories.  My own brain is too faulty for that sort of thing.

I asked my sister-in-law if she thought that was a good idea, and she said to go for it.  So I started planning, and then I did some cutting.  I had to do some stabilizing too, because I was working with knits.

memory 1

This is what I ended up with. There were some fabrics that I didn’t use yet, but I plan to stick them on the back. I forgot to take some pictures of the pjs before I started (there’s that faulty memory of mine again), and I had to change the design at times because the clothes were not as big as I had planned for them to be, but all in all, I like how it ended up.

memory 2

memory 3

Now I don’t know if my sister-in-law reads this blog, and I’m fairly certain that her mom doesn’t, and if she does, I guess this quilt is not a surprise anymore. 🙂 I hope to have it finished when we all go back to visit at the end of the school year, the very end of June.  I work best under deadlines, so that will hopefully not be a problem.  After all, it just needs basting, quilting, binding, and possibly a sleeve.  I could do it in a day or two, but will probably put it off way longer than is comfortable.  Sometimes I think procrastination should be my middle name.  🙂