Baby quilt time!

We’ve been having very indecisive weather this spring.  It can be a beautiful, warm, sunny day one day, and then next day it will be below freezing and we will be dealing with a snowstorm.  The kids have been getting very antsy to play outside a lot more often, so whenever it gets to about 3 or 4 degrees C, they are out there like a dirty shirt, riding their bikes and kicking soccer balls around.  They ride right through the snowdrifts that were leftover from the day before.

baby chain 1

I have been using some of their time occupied outside to sew a little.  A friend of mine just had her second baby, so I made her a quilt.  I don’t make little baby quilts very much, but I’m always surprised at how fast they come together.  I made this entire quilt, from pulling fabrics to finishing the last hand-stitch on the binding, in a day and a half.  That’s like the speed of light for me!  I used the Kentucky Chain pattern that I have as a tutorial on this blog.  I also have a very scrappy version of this quilt in progress; those blocks are about half way done.

baby chain 2

I took all of these pictures around my house on the same day. Welcome to spring in Alberta, with bright green grass in the front yard, but 2 foot snowdrifts in the back yard!

baby chain 3

baby chain 4

baby chain 6

The grass is actually greener than it looks it this shot. This was in the shade.

baby chain 5

And of course, the beautiful ‘quilt in the ash tree’ picture. I love this tree. It was a big factor in my love for my house when we first bought it a few years ago. It really needs a pruning though. You can see the bright green grass better in this shot as well. And a little snow, of course.

4 thoughts on “Baby quilt time!

  1. Looks amazing and complicated… I’ll have to check out your tutorial, especially if it only took less than two days to make!! Can’t wait to see your scrappy version!


    • I have been meaning to figure out a way to do that, but if you have that little ‘Pin it’ button on your browser, you should be able to pin it anyway. Unless I’m misunderstanding what that button does.


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