Community Quilt 2013

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I had gone to a sew day in order to get started on my community/donation quilt for this year.  I had gotten the blocks finished that day, but had done nothing more with them until two days ago, when I put them together and finished the top.

community 2013 - 4

These are not typically colours that I work with a lot. I used more brown a few years ago, but it’s grown out of favour with me these days. And I like green, but I don’t seem to use it very much. So I wanted to make something that used those colours. I actually used all of my brown strips up for this quilt. I have no more scrappy brown strips left in the box! It reminds me of a forest. Thing 1 says it looks like a maze. The pattern didn’t call for a border, but I think I will add one to complete the chains that fall around the edges.

community 2013 - 1
community 2013 - 2

I tried for a random layout of colours, but somehow I ended up with two places where the same brown ended up in four touching corners. By the time I noticed I had sewn everything together, and it was too late in the evening for me to care enough to fix it. So they will stay.

community 2013 - 3

My other cat decided to photobomb the picture this time. It was funny, everytime I would raise the camera to take a picture, he’d turn his head to the side. And when I would lower it again, he’d look at me. I raised and lowered that camera at least ten times, and he did the same thing every time, without fail. That must be his good side or something.

It’s Wednesday, so I’m linking up to the Needle and Thread Network.

8 thoughts on “Community Quilt 2013

  1. Your quilt is as astounding as your writing is entertaining. And I guess the cat puts his curiosity on hold when his dignity is at stake. Question: is it an optical illusion that makes it appear as if the rectangles lose their straightness when they are lined up each to the other’s long side?


  2. Ditto on the above comment the browns (that are together) really don’t pop out at you, you have the bright greens nicely spread out and those are the ones that seem to catch my eye the most. I agree with you that a border will finish the edges better where the coloured blocks end.


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