Another finished top

It was my birthday last week.  Mr. Apple Pie took me to a fabric store as a present.  It was wonderful!  I got some great fabrics to use with my Ticklish HSTs.  Thing 1 helped me pick out a lot of the fabrics that I ended up getting.  She has a great eye for fabric!

On Monday, I went to our guild’s all day sew day.  It was the first time that I was able to go, since there is not usually anyone to watch the kids, but Mr. Apple Pie was still home, so I went.  I had a great day, just sewing all day with no interruptions from little people needing lunch or snacks, no sibling squabbles to break up, just lots of people and their sewing machines.  I got all of the rainbow blocks finished that day, and last night I finished sewing the top together.

rainbow log cabin 6

It meausres 56″x72″ since the blocks are 8″ finished. I have no plans at this point with who’s going to get it or where it will end up, but the rainbow makes me very happy.

rainbow log cabin 7
rainbow log cabin 8
rainbow log cabin 8

Although this quilt was made entirely from scraps, a few of the pieces ended up looking like they were fussy cut (which was a fluke, but a nice one). I am kind of partial to that cute little turtle. It was actually a scrap of flannel, but I did not have very many yellow scraps, so I had to use what I had.

rainbow log cabin 10

My cat voiced his disapproval that they quilt was not on the floor to be photographed. He could not do his official quilt inspecting! He did shed on it while it was folded up on the couch and he is very thorough in his inspecting in that he will check and re-check the finished quilts as well. That pile of quilts in the corner is a favourite napping spot of his.

rainbow log cabin 11

Thing 3 wanted in on the action too. She loves to have her picture taken, and since she’s often the only one home with me these days, I have a lot of pictures of her. She starts pre-school this fall though. I can’t believe how fast she’s grown up!

Also, amidst the announcement that Google Reader will be shutting down, I am on the lookout for a replacement.  I haven’t decided what way I’ll go yet, but I did add a Bloglovin’ button on the sidebar for those of you who are switching over and want to follow me that way.  If I can figure out a Feedly button, I’ll add one of those too.

5 thoughts on “Another finished top

  1. Gorgeous Rainbow quilt. Love the turtle as well. I’m sure this will become a well-loved heirloom…as it should.
    Cheers from Oshawa Ontario.


  2. The rainbow quilt looks gorgeous – I love that little turtle too, so cute!

    I think I’m going to wind up using WordPress’s Reader, although I’m going to miss the Next button. Somehow I never clicked with Bloglovin’ when I tried it in the past.


  3. Love your rainbow, cat and Thing 3 are pretty cute too. Its funny my daughter and a friend of hers have been Thinng 1 and Thing 2 at camp for the last few years (she is 16).


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