Bee Blocks

I have finished the March Bee Block for M-R.  She asked for a scrappy trip block, and sent us grey and burgundy strips to use.  This block went together very well the first time I made it.  The tutorial (found here, from Bonnie Hunter at Quiltville) was very clear and made quick work of the block.  Then I measure the block, and found it was half an inch too small all the way around.  I had forgotten to double check the seam allowance before I started, and because every seam was too big, I lost half an inch.

SS Bee March

If I was making it for me, I would have either just made all the blocks too small or re-cut some fabrics and re-made the block.  But I only had enough of the grey and burgundy for one block, so I took every single seam apart and re-sewed the entire thing.  It took me 20 minutes to make the block, and over two hours to fix it.  But, it measured the appropriate 12.5″!

Other than that, I’ve been working on this year’s community quilt, and I’ve crocheted two infinity scarves: one for my mom, and one for Thing 1.  Thing 2 has requested one as well, in blue, and I will probably start that tonight.

Spring Storm 13

We had a spring snow storm here last night.  This was the view out of my front window.  I can hardly see the ash tree since, there is so much snow pelted onto the window.  The wind was howling and it was awful outside.  Church was cancelled, all of the area highways were closed, and the school is closed today.  But it is not too cold now, and the wind has died down, so the kids want me to go outside with them.  Thing 3 is nearly ready to go. Like her shirt says, time to rock and roll!

Thing 3

4 thoughts on “Bee Blocks

  1. Loved this blog, from your effort to make the undersized quilt match the proper measurements to the determined face of Thing 3. Yea for the Energizing House in Lethbridge!


  2. Love your blog! It was beautiful and sunny here today. My daughter in Calgary said they were having a snow storm today…your daughter is so cute! Your block looks perfect!! It is so frustrating to have to rip out stitches, but usually worth the bother! 🙂


  3. Good for you for taking apart those seams and re-sewing! I know it can’t have been fun or easy – but it looks great!

    That snow storm passed just below us but the air pressure drop has been lingering… Hope it didn’t leave you with too much shovelling to do!


  4. We were half expecting the storm to hit up here, but we have had nothing but mild temperatures and clear Alberta skies.
    Must have taken a lot of patience to unpick the whole block and resew – good on you for doing it!


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