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Some of you may know that I have long wished that there would be a Modern Quilt Guild closer to me.  There is one in Calgary and one is Saskatoon, but they are too far for me to go.  I have thought many times about starting one myself, but I am already quite busy and I feared that if I committed to start a local MQG that I would get too stressed out from being too busy.

But, someone else is starting one!  Yay!  I’m so very excited about this. She sent me a copy of the ad that she’s posted around town and on the internet, and asked me to post it here as well.  The inaugural meeting is just over a week away!

MQG Lethbridge

I had to change the weekday, because in her excitement to get the ad out, she forgot to double check the days on her calendar. But it is Thursday, March 7. Yay!

In other very exciting news, my guild has been working on a proposal to Quilt Canada to host the smaller regional show that they put on. We got word back last week that our proposal had been accepted! This is a huge honour for us. As our president said last night, we were thrilled when the show was in Calgary a number of years back, because it was so close by, and now it will be right in Lethbridge! The date for that show is June 3-6, 2015. Yes, it’s two years away, but it takes time to plan.

And they asked me to be on the planing committee, so then I’ll be sure to not get the date wrong!  (So there, Mr. Apple Pie.)  There is a longstanding tradition of me getting dates wrong for things.  I’ll write them down on the wrong week or the wrong month and completely miss things.  The most major example of this happening was for Quilt Canada when it was in Calgary a number of years ago.  My sister came down from northern Alberta just for the show, and we drove from my place to Calgary, to the convention centre, only to realize that the show was a week later.  I felt so bad!  She had come so far, and then my mistake made her miss it!  I am still mocked about this.  But rest assured, for this Quilt Canada show, I will not have the date wrong.

I know this is not really a WIP, well I guess the guild is, and the show is, but I’m linking up to WIP Wednesday at the Needle and Thread Network to get the word out.  I’ll post a picture of the quilt and blocks I’m hoping to use for my turn on the Simply Solids bee.  After all, it’s a pretty picture, and those are always nice to look at.


7 thoughts on “Guild related things

  1. How very cool! Wish that I could start on in Winnipeg…be sure to register the guild under the Modern Guild website. That way everyone can find it 🙂
    Good luck and have a ball!


  2. How wonderful about the Modern Guild! Ours just started up here in Saskatoon a few months ago and it’s great. Love your block choice for Simply solids too. Looking forward to doing it!!


  3. I’ve been wanting to join a guild for some time but the nearest one is still far. Maybe now that I’m moving, I’ll be able to find one closer. Have fun with your new quilting friends! 🙂


  4. Thats wonderful that you are helping getting the guild started up. I am in the Calgary Modern Quilt guild and am one of the ones that is mostly running it right now. Maybe we could plan for both Guilds to meet-up later in the year and have a sew day some where or even just have a big show and tell day. Good luck and have fun!


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