Midnight Road Trip

I have another finish to add to this year’s tally.  I’ve finished the dark version of my Road Trip QAL.  I put the final stitches in the binding on Wednesday afternoon, and I threw it in the washer right away.  I don’t consider a quilt of mine truly finished until I’ve washed it.

QAL dark 3

I used a black and red stripe for the binding. I was at my LQS anyway to purchase fabric for the charm swap, and I saw this and knew that it would be perfect. I had hoped to get a shot of someone holding up the quilt, but the tallest person around who could help was Thing 1. She’s 51″ and the quilt was 63″ square, so that didn’t work. So this will have to suffice.

QAL dark 4

I backed it in some fabrics that had been sitting in my stash for years. When I cut and pieced the backing, I also cut enough to back the light version of the QAL, when I finally get to that. That yellow square on the corner is the label. I’m trying very hard to remember to label all my quilts. It’s something that I only recently, in the last 6 months or so, have started to prioritize.

QAL dark 5

I quilted it in red thread with lines spaced 1.5″ apart. I love how the red thread pops against the dark sashing.

QAL dark 6

Here it is in the ash tree. (Mr. Apple Pie pointed out to me that I called this ash tree an elm tree in a previous post. He was right, I was wrong. It is an ash tree.) When I looked at this picture on the computer after I’d taken it off my camera, I was struck by how much this quilt seems to glow with brightness. I wasn’t really expecting that, with it being the dark version, but it’s still so bright! Even in this picture, I didn’t boost the saturation at all, but its surroundings just look so drab compared to it. I mean, yes, it is outside in Alberta in mid-February so things are quite brown, but the sun’s not even shining directly on it and yet it sill radiates light.

I’m linking up to TGIF Friday, which is hosted by Vickey at Gingersnaps Quilts today.

11 thoughts on “Midnight Road Trip

  1. Glow? That beauty is on FIRE!! Gorgeous quilt. It’s an Autumn Fiesta whichever way I look at it.
    Hope your pride is glowing too.
    Cheers from Oshawa, Ontario.


  2. It is a lovely quilt. And it does glow! But I was struck by the absence of snow too! Wouldn’t you normally have snow at this time of year? We must still have 3 feet of it on the ground!


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