In which Thing 1 is a creative genius

We are in the midst of a week-long school holiday right now.  Only one day into it, the inevitable happened.  “I’m bored, Mommy.”  Thing 1 had already run out of things to do.  So I asked her if she wanted to try putting fabric on the wall.  (That’s what they call it when I use my design wall.)  This sounded intriguing to her, so she agreed.  We cut a little piece of batting, and made her her own little design wall near my sewing nook.

E quilt 1

She got right to it. I gave her my drawer full of extra HSTs from various projects and also some extra 2.5″ squares that I had. She had loads of fun.

E quilt 2

This was her first design. She left it on the wall during dinner and then when the younger two were in bed, she went back to tweak it.

E quilt 3

This is what she ended up with. She asked me to sew it together for her, so I obliged. It’s supposed to be a poppy flower, and the stripes are the border. Then I got to thinking, what would happen if I sketched the block she made in EQ? I put in two colourations: light triangles around flower and dark triangles around flower. I kept it on point as per her original vision.

E quilt 5

This is what I got. I was amazed by it! It was so modern and fresh. It was amazing to me what she could create at just 8 years old. It is not like a traditional quilt block to me at all, but I suppose that’s what you get when you have such an open mind like she does.

I decided to see what it would look like in a contemporary colour scheme.

E quilt 4

Wow! I mean, I’m her mother, so I’m obviously biased, but I would probably never have come up with this on my own. She’s 8! And it’s incredible!

I’m linking up to the Needle and Thread Network this week. I’m so proud of her that I have to share.

13 thoughts on “In which Thing 1 is a creative genius

  1. Ahhh the joys of an uncluttered quilter-brain. That young lady has a great sense of colour and style. Art programs in the future? Cheers, from Oshawa, Ontario.


  2. She’s very creative! What fun for you as her Mom to see her come up with this. I have many fond memories of my Mother sewing… These are days your daughter will remember when she’s all grown up and has children of her own. The times we spend sewing with our kids are special for both parents and kids. 🙂


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