Quilting the Road Trip

We had a nice holiday here in Alberta yesterday: Family Day.  I took the Things to a free play day hosted by the local university.  They had a blast and were all nicely tuckered out when we finally got home.

QAL dark 2

In the last few evenings, I’ve been working on hand-stitching the binding of the dark Road Trip (now Midnight Road Trip, officially). I basted it one night last week, finished quilting it the next day, and got the binding made and sewn on the day after that. For someone who tends to finally finish things as slowly as I do, it was like it happened at warp speed.  The binding has about one side left to stitch down, and then I’ll wash it and take some completed pics.


I also cut up the charms for a swap that I joined: Text me a Charm: Canadian Edition. We are each buying 1 metre of a text fabric, any text fabric, and cutting it into 56 charms. Since there are 28 participants, we will all get 28 pairs of charms back. The deadline to mail is sometime in March, but mine are cut up to mail already.  It’s been a year of new things for me.  My first bee, my first swap.  And it’s only February!  It’s already February, too!  How did that happen?

1 thought on “Quilting the Road Trip

  1. Well the time certainly seems to be flying right into the tax season doesn’t it? Darn that.
    You’ve been so busy here.
    Your exchange sounds like a lot of fun. Enjoy; cant wait to see what you put together with all the text you collect. Could be very interesting…if you could put any mixed texts together etc.
    Cheers from Oshawa Ontario


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