Homemade gifts

I’ve been meaning to blog about these gifts for awhile now. I put it off at first because I wanted to give them to their intended recipients first. That was done last weekend, and then once we got home from our mini vacation, I had housework to catch up on. I also kept forgetting. Time to cross it off my to-do list!

batman pillowcase

Up first, a Batman pillowcase. I made this for my nephew who recently turned 5. I asked his mother, my sister, what I should make for him, and suggested this as a possibility. She agreed, so I made this. I googled and found a basic Batman logo, then enlarged it and raw-edged appliqued to the main fabric of the pillowcase. Once the applique was on, I sewed the pillowcase together.

batman oven mitts 1

I made Batman oven mitts for my brother-in-law. I quilted bats on the mitts to keep the layers together. I wasn’t thrilled with how they turned out. They look a little like drunken bats to me. My niece said they look like chickens. 🙂 They’re not bad for a first time around, and I think with practice, I could make non-drunk bats.

batman oven mitts 2

I took a close up. The blue fabric looks grey, but it’s the same mitts.

AG dress 4
AG dress 5

Finally, for my niece, I made some dresses for her American Girl doll. I had planned to make two dresses for her. I made a pink one, and then tried it on Thing 1’s doll to check the fit. That may have been a mistake, since Thing 1 saw the dress on her doll and loved it so much that I had to make matching dresses for her doll as well as her cousins. Good thing they come together quickly!

AG dress 3
AG dress 1
AG dress 2

Lydia, my daughter’s doll, was a very obliging model.

I have finished Mod Pop/More Wine Please and just have to take some pictures of it off my camera yet. My first quilt finish of the year! Yay!

5 thoughts on “Homemade gifts

  1. Your BATMAN items are wonderful and I assure you…not just suitable for “little” guys. haha
    The doll dresses look very pretty. Lucky niece and nephew.


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