Guild related things

Some of you may know that I have long wished that there would be a Modern Quilt Guild closer to me.  There is one in Calgary and one is Saskatoon, but they are too far for me to go.  I have thought many times about starting one myself, but I am already quite busy and I feared that if I committed to start a local MQG that I would get too stressed out from being too busy.

But, someone else is starting one!  Yay!  I’m so very excited about this. She sent me a copy of the ad that she’s posted around town and on the internet, and asked me to post it here as well.  The inaugural meeting is just over a week away!

MQG Lethbridge

I had to change the weekday, because in her excitement to get the ad out, she forgot to double check the days on her calendar. But it is Thursday, March 7. Yay!

In other very exciting news, my guild has been working on a proposal to Quilt Canada to host the smaller regional show that they put on. We got word back last week that our proposal had been accepted! This is a huge honour for us. As our president said last night, we were thrilled when the show was in Calgary a number of years back, because it was so close by, and now it will be right in Lethbridge! The date for that show is June 3-6, 2015. Yes, it’s two years away, but it takes time to plan.

And they asked me to be on the planing committee, so then I’ll be sure to not get the date wrong!  (So there, Mr. Apple Pie.)  There is a longstanding tradition of me getting dates wrong for things.  I’ll write them down on the wrong week or the wrong month and completely miss things.  The most major example of this happening was for Quilt Canada when it was in Calgary a number of years ago.  My sister came down from northern Alberta just for the show, and we drove from my place to Calgary, to the convention centre, only to realize that the show was a week later.  I felt so bad!  She had come so far, and then my mistake made her miss it!  I am still mocked about this.  But rest assured, for this Quilt Canada show, I will not have the date wrong.

I know this is not really a WIP, well I guess the guild is, and the show is, but I’m linking up to WIP Wednesday at the Needle and Thread Network to get the word out.  I’ll post a picture of the quilt and blocks I’m hoping to use for my turn on the Simply Solids bee.  After all, it’s a pretty picture, and those are always nice to look at.



Midnight Road Trip

I have another finish to add to this year’s tally.  I’ve finished the dark version of my Road Trip QAL.  I put the final stitches in the binding on Wednesday afternoon, and I threw it in the washer right away.  I don’t consider a quilt of mine truly finished until I’ve washed it.

QAL dark 3

I used a black and red stripe for the binding. I was at my LQS anyway to purchase fabric for the charm swap, and I saw this and knew that it would be perfect. I had hoped to get a shot of someone holding up the quilt, but the tallest person around who could help was Thing 1. She’s 51″ and the quilt was 63″ square, so that didn’t work. So this will have to suffice.

QAL dark 4

I backed it in some fabrics that had been sitting in my stash for years. When I cut and pieced the backing, I also cut enough to back the light version of the QAL, when I finally get to that. That yellow square on the corner is the label. I’m trying very hard to remember to label all my quilts. It’s something that I only recently, in the last 6 months or so, have started to prioritize.

QAL dark 5

I quilted it in red thread with lines spaced 1.5″ apart. I love how the red thread pops against the dark sashing.

QAL dark 6

Here it is in the ash tree. (Mr. Apple Pie pointed out to me that I called this ash tree an elm tree in a previous post. He was right, I was wrong. It is an ash tree.) When I looked at this picture on the computer after I’d taken it off my camera, I was struck by how much this quilt seems to glow with brightness. I wasn’t really expecting that, with it being the dark version, but it’s still so bright! Even in this picture, I didn’t boost the saturation at all, but its surroundings just look so drab compared to it. I mean, yes, it is outside in Alberta in mid-February so things are quite brown, but the sun’s not even shining directly on it and yet it sill radiates light.

I’m linking up to TGIF Friday, which is hosted by Vickey at Gingersnaps Quilts today.

In which Thing 1 is a creative genius

We are in the midst of a week-long school holiday right now.  Only one day into it, the inevitable happened.  “I’m bored, Mommy.”  Thing 1 had already run out of things to do.  So I asked her if she wanted to try putting fabric on the wall.  (That’s what they call it when I use my design wall.)  This sounded intriguing to her, so she agreed.  We cut a little piece of batting, and made her her own little design wall near my sewing nook.

E quilt 1

She got right to it. I gave her my drawer full of extra HSTs from various projects and also some extra 2.5″ squares that I had. She had loads of fun.

E quilt 2

This was her first design. She left it on the wall during dinner and then when the younger two were in bed, she went back to tweak it.

E quilt 3

This is what she ended up with. She asked me to sew it together for her, so I obliged. It’s supposed to be a poppy flower, and the stripes are the border. Then I got to thinking, what would happen if I sketched the block she made in EQ? I put in two colourations: light triangles around flower and dark triangles around flower. I kept it on point as per her original vision.

E quilt 5

This is what I got. I was amazed by it! It was so modern and fresh. It was amazing to me what she could create at just 8 years old. It is not like a traditional quilt block to me at all, but I suppose that’s what you get when you have such an open mind like she does.

I decided to see what it would look like in a contemporary colour scheme.

E quilt 4

Wow! I mean, I’m her mother, so I’m obviously biased, but I would probably never have come up with this on my own. She’s 8! And it’s incredible!

I’m linking up to the Needle and Thread Network this week. I’m so proud of her that I have to share.

Quilting the Road Trip

We had a nice holiday here in Alberta yesterday: Family Day.  I took the Things to a free play day hosted by the local university.  They had a blast and were all nicely tuckered out when we finally got home.

QAL dark 2

In the last few evenings, I’ve been working on hand-stitching the binding of the dark Road Trip (now Midnight Road Trip, officially). I basted it one night last week, finished quilting it the next day, and got the binding made and sewn on the day after that. For someone who tends to finally finish things as slowly as I do, it was like it happened at warp speed.  The binding has about one side left to stitch down, and then I’ll wash it and take some completed pics.


I also cut up the charms for a swap that I joined: Text me a Charm: Canadian Edition. We are each buying 1 metre of a text fabric, any text fabric, and cutting it into 56 charms. Since there are 28 participants, we will all get 28 pairs of charms back. The deadline to mail is sometime in March, but mine are cut up to mail already.  It’s been a year of new things for me.  My first bee, my first swap.  And it’s only February!  It’s already February, too!  How did that happen?

More Wine Please

I’m finished the Mod Pop top and I’ve renamed it More Wine Please.  I love it.  I’ve not worked with a colour palette like this before, with plums and pinks and burgundies, but they work together so nicely.

Mod Pop/More Wine Please: all done!

I went through the Flickr pool for the QAL to try and come up with an idea for how to quilt it. I ended up stippling all the darker areas and leaving the light section completely unquilted. I had originally planned to do echo quilting along the light curves, but when I was done the stippling, I decided that I liked it just the way it was.

Mod Pop QAL 9

Mod Pop QAL 10

Mod Pop QAL 11

And I finished it well before the Feb. 17 QAL deadline! I took one last picture in the crutch of my elm tree. The tree is already starting to bud a little bit, and it’s only mid-February. Unbelievable! The grass is also getting a slight hint of green. I hope it survives the blast of winter that we always inevitably get in late February/early March around here. We always seem to get the worst snowstorms that time of year.

Mod Pop/More Wine Please: all done!


Since it’s Wednesday, I’m linking up to the Needle and Thread Network.  Even though this is no longer in progress and is now totally done.  Yay!

Homemade gifts

I’ve been meaning to blog about these gifts for awhile now. I put it off at first because I wanted to give them to their intended recipients first. That was done last weekend, and then once we got home from our mini vacation, I had housework to catch up on. I also kept forgetting. Time to cross it off my to-do list!

batman pillowcase

Up first, a Batman pillowcase. I made this for my nephew who recently turned 5. I asked his mother, my sister, what I should make for him, and suggested this as a possibility. She agreed, so I made this. I googled and found a basic Batman logo, then enlarged it and raw-edged appliqued to the main fabric of the pillowcase. Once the applique was on, I sewed the pillowcase together.

batman oven mitts 1

I made Batman oven mitts for my brother-in-law. I quilted bats on the mitts to keep the layers together. I wasn’t thrilled with how they turned out. They look a little like drunken bats to me. My niece said they look like chickens. 🙂 They’re not bad for a first time around, and I think with practice, I could make non-drunk bats.

batman oven mitts 2

I took a close up. The blue fabric looks grey, but it’s the same mitts.

AG dress 4
AG dress 5

Finally, for my niece, I made some dresses for her American Girl doll. I had planned to make two dresses for her. I made a pink one, and then tried it on Thing 1’s doll to check the fit. That may have been a mistake, since Thing 1 saw the dress on her doll and loved it so much that I had to make matching dresses for her doll as well as her cousins. Good thing they come together quickly!

AG dress 3
AG dress 1
AG dress 2

Lydia, my daughter’s doll, was a very obliging model.

I have finished Mod Pop/More Wine Please and just have to take some pictures of it off my camera yet. My first quilt finish of the year! Yay!