The mysterious magnet

I am nearly finished my Mod Pop quilt, which has now been renamed More Wine Please.  I was looking at it the other day while polishing off the last glass of a bottle of wine, and it occurred to me that this quilt is the colour of many different kinds of wine: merlot; rose; white.

The sleeve, label, and binding are all on. The sleeve and label were simple and agony free.  Then I tried to use the walking foot to add the binding.  Simply put, my walking foot was not walking.  It would not feed the fabric properly, and the binding was getting puckers where it was not supposed to get puckers.  It would hang up on the corners where the fabric was a little thicker.  I was getting frustrated, but plowed on.

Finally the binding was on.  I took the walking foot off my machine, and then something on the bottom of it caught my eye.

magnet 1

I took a closer look, and realized there was a little coin-shaped magnet wedged into the bottom of the foot. Of course it wasn’t feeding properly! The magnet was preventing the feed dogs on the foot from grabbing the fabric.

magnet 2

The offending magnet was unceremoniously removed and put on the fridge where it will be useful and not troublesome. I have no idea how it got there, but it happened between making a pair of oven mitts the other day and putting the binding on this quilt. I probably will not know where it came from, but if my foot has trouble feeding again, I will look for stray magnets.

As it’s Wednesday, I’m linking up to the Needle and Thread Network.  Hopefully their progress has been happily magnet free.


9 thoughts on “The mysterious magnet

  1. That looks like one of those magnets that is in the bottom of shower curtain linings. Might that somehow be where it’s from? Even if that’s the case, I have no idea how it could end up jammed in your walking foot!


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