Plodding along on the UFOs

I’ve been trying very hard not to start any new projects.  So far, with the exception of the rainbow log cabins, I’ve succeeded.  For the past few evenings, I’ve been working on my Urban Nine Patch again.  I started this in the summer last year.  I put it away because my old, unreliable rotary cutter was doing a horrible job cutting the curves.  I got a new rotary cutter, but then had other, more pressing projects to work on first.  Now I’ve dusted it off and started on it again.

I made a block, the yellow one, and then put it up on the design wall with the ones that I’d made last year.  And, to my surprise, it was smaller!  I quickly measured it, and it was measuring 12.5″ like it was supposed to.  That meant that the 5 blocks that I’d made last year were all too big.  I realized that I had trimmed the long, curved, rectangular pieces along the sides of the block to be 3″ instead of 2.75″.  It meant that I had to take all five blocks apart, re-trim, and then re-assemble.  At least I didn’t have to completely remake them because I’d cut them too small!

U9P 7

So, now I have 8 blocks.  I have the pieces cut for at least 10 more, and it takes me about an hour to leisurely sew one together. I have no idea why the green in those two bottom blocks looks grey in these pictures. I took a whole bunch of pictures in different light, with and without flash, and it still looks grey. Weird.

U9P 6

I have not decided how to set them yet either. I thought I would definitely put them on point, but I like them straight too. Oh well. I’ve got lots of time to figure that out while I sew the rest of the blocks together.

6 thoughts on “Plodding along on the UFOs

  1. It’s amazing how different this block looks on point. I think it accentuates the curves. I notice as well, that depending upon the colours of each block, some of the points are prominent while in others, the squares are. This must have to do with the intensity of the colour.


    • No, they are not difficult, but you need the Quick Curve Ruler to make them. I have this ruler and I love it. I could do a mini exchange with you, but unless everyone else has the ruler, it will not work for the bee. Sorry. 🙂


  2. Your top blocks take on a whole new look turned on point and I have to say they are quite stunning! Love that look. I think I’d have cried if I’d had to redo those beauties though.
    I dont think I’ve seen the Urban nine-patch pattern before.
    The rainbow log cabins from the previous week are so pretty and it looks like your well on your way to covering a Queen or King size bed in no time at all.


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